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    • Some people were saying that the Treatments page was too long and complex, so I streamlined it a bit, and removed a few sections. If you want nasal congestion and sinusitis treatments, you can find them here.

  1. The missing link is, most all of us have “Leaky Gut Syndrome” that’s the underlying-undiagnosed problem. Everything you’ve mentioned on the homepage is symptomatic of this LGS that’s allowing Endotoxins called Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) to translocate from the gut lumen directly into the bloodstream, which is, in most cases, a low-grade systemic sepsis. If the LPS travels to your Thyroid, the immune system recognizes it as a bacterial infection and begins attacking the Thyroid Gland (Hashimoto’s). If the LPS gets into your joints, the immune system attacks the joints (RA). If it gets into the brain, same thing – resulting in Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. In children this LPS causes Autism, usually from vaccines and antibiotics destroying the gut microbiome and allowing yeast to take over, which drill holes in your gut and turn into a fungus called CANdida albicans. When that fungus makes its way to an organ it begins to colonize in/on the organ, this is known as CANcer. Look up Dr. Peter Kan’s video on YouTube called “Leaky Gut 2.0” to better understand this. Then look up “Cancer is a Fungus” and watch Dr. Tullio Simoncini explain this to Doug Hoffman and how he cures all his CANcer patients using either baking soda or 7% tincture of Iodine (both are antifungals).

    And here’s Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan explaining how this leaky gut is the absolute ROOT CAUSE of all disease, and how it is not the HIV virus killing AIDS patients, its this leaky gut syndrome that’s the real culprit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoMwZbPYt5k

    If you have gut issues causing you Autoimmune diseases/CANcer, you have to kill the yeast/fungi overgrowth in the gut (gut is from mouth opening to anus) by using Sodium Ascorbate crystals, Olive Leaf Extract (OLE also destroys all viruses it’s been tested against), Colloidal Silver, etc. Once you kill off the gut infection you’ll want to recolonize with good gut bacteria and good prebiotics to feed them, or the yeast/fungi will come right back and repopulate that area again. Kiran developed an Endospore probiotic that actually survives the digestive process, it is called ‘Just Thrive Probiotics’.

    You’ll also want to use a product by Dr. Zach Bush called ‘Restore’ to seal up the gut tight junctions holding your one cell layer thick epithelial lining together.

    I just cured a 5 month old Kitten of FiV (yes, I mean she is literally cured and doing great) by focusing on her gut. Just as with AIDS patients, Kittens/Cats with Fiv, Felv, Distemper (Dogs with Parvo, too) are not dying because of the viral load, they are dying because they had a weak mucosa and epithelial lining. The virus caused disturbance in the GI tract and the Cat/Dog has leaky gut allowing LPS to get through the gut lining directly into the bloodstream. They are dying of sepsis, not a viral load.

    First thing I did after I noticed she hadn’t eaten or drank anything in over 48 hours was squirt 2 cc’s of Karo Corn Syrup (sugar water will work, too) down her throat. If they don’t eat/drink for 24+ hours, they start getting hypoglycemic and it makes them feel really bad and they just keep getting sicker and more dehydrated, so you want to get that blood sugar up quickly. I used some GNC brand Ultra-Mega High Calorie Booster Gel wiped on her mouth to get her some much needed calories and vitamins. And I fed her 10 cc’s of Goat’s Milk with 1/2 tspn of the ‘Restore’ and about 300 mg’s of Olive Leaf Extract and 500 mg’s of Sodium Ascorbate Crystals mixed into it to seal up her gut lining and kill off any pathogen load in her gut.

    32 minutes later she walked over to a water bowl and began drinking. The Karo spiked up her blood sugar and made her feel a lot better, which made her want to actually live, so she drank.

    About an hour later I followed up with 10 cc’s of Pedialyte and approx. 300 mg’s of Activated Charcoal powder and a little sugar to make it taste better (given orally with syringe) to sweep the gut and adsorb any of the dead/dying pathogens the OLE and Vit C was killing and carry them out through the feces so they don’t get through the leaky gut and reinfect her again, which is a vicious cycle. Human’s need to use this method, too.

    For the next 24-36 hours I repeated this process 3 to 4 times/day. About 36 hours in she started eating again. She was drinking on her own 32 minutes after I gave her the Karo, but still wouldn’t eat till about 36 hours later.

    Now that she’s eating and drinking on her own, she began to self medicate. I’d just mix 300 mg’s of OLE, 3 to 500 mg’s of Vitamin C, 1/2 tspn of Restore, 1/2 tspn. of the GNC calorie booster, 1 cc of Karo corn syrup, and 1/2 of a capsule of the ‘Just Thrive’ probiotics to recolonize her gut. I only gave her the probiotics once per day.

    By focusing mainly on her gut, I not only saved myself a $2,500.00 Vet bill, but I also saved her life. If you take a Cat with Fiv, Felv, Distemper, etc. or a Dog with Parvo to a Vet, all they will do is, hook them up on IV fluids and give them antibiotics that are going to destroy their guts even more.

    And in an emergency situation where you can’t get your dog/cat rehydrated and need to act really-really fast, here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufm4hSZklgg&index=5&list=PLxfhDVtYA0kY0WgUjc2aQwyx4KvusGgwe&t=0s

    About 80% of the immune system is located in the gut, and as Hippocrates said: “All disease and health begins in the gut”.

    Even Diabetes is caused from LPS getting into the pancreas and the immune system launching a full-bore attack on that organ.

    Focus on the Gut!

  2. Also, drinking chlorinated water destroys you AND your pets microbiome, as does any prescription drugs, antibiotics, birth control pills, etc. You have 4 to 5 pounds of bacteria in your gut (from mouth to anus), and those little guys make all your B-Vitamins, about 90% of Serotonin, and even some Hormones. They communicate with your brain via the Vagus Nerve. They literally give us Life and Health, but when we destroy them with the average Western diet, prescription drugs, and chlorinated water, they bad guys like yeast takeover and wreak havoc on our health (pets, too).

    Here’s a good seminar by Dr. Zach Bush explaining this microbiome and how Glyphosate in RoundUp is destroying our guts (pets, too) via the Shikimate pathway. I think he talks about the ‘Restore’ product here, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL6OPzQe9Is&list=PLxfhDVtYA0kYME8AHfpWVPvsjxbCzA1hf&t=0s&index=3

    Here’s a video showing Glyphosate destroying tight junctions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQTFD7EcZaI

    Here’s what LPS does to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbJuVvT6ALQ

    Here’s Mike the Gut Guy explaining leaky gut and CANdida overgrowth and how to kill it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxwxxGQWaTw&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=z7N1dkWTsl0rLzYL-6

    • That’s nonsense that any prescription drugs destroy the microbiome; one type of drug, antibiotics, may have temporary adverse effects on the microbiome, but probably nothing that a course of probiotics and prebiotics cannot fix.

      It is also absolute nonsense and complete quackery that Candida causes cancer, and that baking soda cures cancer.

      And another complete piece of bullshit is your statement that olive leaf extract “destroys all viruses it’s been tested against”. Are you really that gullible that you believe all the nonsense posted on alternative health websites?

      Please try to keep this website scientific, rather than posting pseudoscience and quackery and any old nonsense that you happen to read on alternative health sites.

  3. Not sure why you would attack me like that? I’ve only been studying this stuff for 20 years, and it isn’t quackery and pseudoscience. Don’t take my word for it, read the science and studies behind everything I’ve stated

  4. Quoting Carbon Coyote: “Not sure why you would attack me like that? I’ve only been studying this stuff for 20 years, and it isn’t quackery and pseudoscience. Don’t take my word for it, read the science and studies behind everything I’ve stated”.

    I am just a little weary of the mumbo jumbo that sometimes gets posted on this website.

    Some of the things you say have got some scientific basis, for example that leaky gut may be a factor in autoimmune disease. But the emphasis is on may, because we don’t know at this stage, and it’s only a hypothesis, not a fact. So you are going far beyond the current scientific evidence when you claim that leaky gut / LPS causes Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s. In science, you never state something as a fact unless you have plenty of evidence to support it.

    Next you tell me that leaky gut is the cause of AIDS, which is absolute nonsense.

    I’ve experimented with supplements and diet designed to help leaky gut (without noticing much benefit), as well as prebiotics and probiotics (which I found helped reduce anxiety symptoms), and I appreciate that improving gut health may have knock-on benefits. But to state that leaky gut is the cause of all these diseases is not based on any scientific evidence. Thus it is not a scientific statement.

    Then you bring up the uber-quack Tullio Simoncini and you actually seem to believe that he can cure cancer with bicarb of soda. That’s just flabbergasting.

    As for herbal antivirals, it’s important to appreciate the difference between in vitro data and in vivo data. Many herbs show potent antiviral effects in vitro, but have little or no effect in vivo when you actually take that herb orally, for reasons I am not going to explain here. So when you see on an alternative health website or book that herb X is “a very powerful antiviral”, it’s mostly nonsense, because they are usually referring to in vitro studies, which have little bearing on what actually works in the body.

    If you want to understand more about antivirals, you need to learn about concepts such as the antiviral EC50, the antiviral selectivity index, the CC50, and so forth.

    When I first became ill with this virus, I knew very little about medical science, but over the years I’ve picked up small bits of scientific knowledge here and there, and this has helped me to distinguish nonsense from valid medicine.

  5. I respect your opinion, and I your site. I’m not trying to intrude, and I would NEVER share information I didn’t believe in. I appreciate you leaving my comments so at least people can study those links if they so desire. I’m only trying to share what has worked for me in hopes that it helps someone else. You’re alright in my book (hat-tip).

  6. Hip,

    I’m not sure if I have this exact virus, but I believe it is or something similar. Ive run a number of CBCs, urinalysis and other tests and everything comes back subclinical despite various symptoms. This has lead me to the fringes of trying to treat this.

    The main similarities I’ve noticed between myself and people who have caught it (slow transmission, mostly household), besides fatigue and emotional impacts, are skin symptoms. Easy injuries, slow healing, bad sunburns, skin pigmentation depending on age, etc. It occurred to me eventually that this was all due to fat loss, subcutaneous/adipose.

    This eventually lead me to hormones. My current theory is that most if not all symptoms are related to hormone imbalances, as a result of disruption to the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis. This would explain everything from the skin to the mood and emotional impact. Just not sure if it is the body’s response to the pathogen, or if it actually attacks those organs (adrenals for example). If an organ system can be identified, supplementation would be more targeted.

    I’m just about to take a saliva hormone test to corroborate but have to wait until Labor Day is over. Curious if you’ve ever looked down this path and your thoughts?

    • In myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), which is the disease this virus triggered in me, there is evidence for disruption of the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid (HPA) axis. The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that processes emotions and the stress response, so this might explain why those with ME/CFS are easy stressed, and often emotionally sensitive, or have other emotional symptoms such as weak blunted emotions, or sometimes random flighty emotions (emotional lability).

      What I observed is that may people who caught this virus developed much milder versions of these ME/CFS emotional sensitivities and stress intolerances. Not severe enough to prevent them from working or taking part in normal social life, but still enough to perhaps reduce the quality of life.

      I have not found much to help combat the stress intolerance and emotional sensitivities, although I’ve listed a few things on the Treatments Page of this site that do help a little bit. I am always on ME/CFS forums, and I don’t know anyone or any doctor who has found a treatment for the HPA axis dysfunction. I’ve tried quite a few herbs which target the hypothalamus, but they do not help much, except perhaps allicin which in high doses does seem to bolster the weakened emotions. More recently I found that hydrogen rich water does help a tiny bit with the emotional sensitivity; HRW increases the hormone ghrelin, which acts on the hypothalamus.

      Enteroviruses themselves can and do infect multiple organs: they can infect the brain, the muscles, the stomach and intestines, the heart, the adrenals, and other organs. They are also associated with autoimmunity, which means that they may be able to trigger autoimmune disease.

      There are currently no good antivirals for enterovirus, though Dr Chia uses antiviral treatments such as oxymatrine, Epivir and tenofovir off label to help combat chronic enterovirus infections. Unfortunately I did not notice much benefit from oxymatrine or Epivir, but have yet to properly try tenofovir.

      Chronic enterovirus infections are very hard to detect by blood tests, because they are low-level infection that live inside human cells. If you use the highly sensitive micro-neutralization antibody tests for coxsackievirus B and echovirus provided by ARUP Lab in Utah, you may be able to observe elevated titers to these enteroviruses. See the FAQ page for info. But the ARUP tests are expensive, around $440 each.

    • Very much agree here. I have enough of the symptoms to recognize myself in the ME/CFS community, but mild enough on the spectrum to participate in life mostly as usual, except I know I’m slightly subpar compared to previously, and subjectively feel blunted.

      I recently found Ancestral Supplments which are ground up organs from grass fed cows, the idea being that up until recently humans have eaten organs of healthy animals to support our respective organ. So I’m trying to identify what might be off via hormone testing to supplement.

      In any case, I generally agree with your recent comment about the medical and alternate health communities. I too have been humbled by this experience.

      In addition however, I’ll say that I have become a bit more delusioned with the average doctor through this experience. The general medical community has no answer for those of us dealing with these issues. They chalk it off to “some virus” or throw wastebasket diagnosis at the patient because they can’t help, which is fine if they could admit it and perhaps offer some guidance. If it’s not a clearly identifiable pathogen or imbalance they can throw medicine at, or an organ to remove, they feel like it should be ignored. Ultimately they all seem to want to land on psychiatric meds when the patient persists.

      At least naturopaths offer some answers for supportive care, even if the thinking is often wishful and there are outright snake oil salesman.

      Last thing I’ll say is that I’m discovering the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are undervalued here. While the mechanisms may not be fully understood yet, it has been proven that positive outlook, meditation, and/or other tools can have a positive impact on the immune system, comparatively, and surely on quality of life.

      If there is no definitive diagnose, no cure, and no clear treatment, one should at least bolster these aspects of their life. I feel like many who suffer from these illnesses would benefit from support in these areas.

    • Yes, most doctors don’t have much to offer for conditions like ME/CFS, though at least in the US there are a dozen or two ME/CFS specialists that know what they are doing, and can often help by means of the correct viral testing and use of antivirals. For those with ME/CFS linked to herpesviruses such as EBV, HHV-6 and cytomegalovirus, there are good antivirals. ME/CFS linked to enteroviruses is more problematic to treat due to lack of good antivirals.

      I don’t know if you have seen my ME/CFS Roadmap for Testing and Treatment, but at the bottom of the page it lists some of the leading ME/CFS specialist doctors. Dr John Chia is one of the few doctors that are good at treating enterovirus ME/CFS, though Dr Nancy Klimas also has expertise in this area. If you have herpesvirus ME/CFS, then there are more doctors that are good with that.

      A good approach to treating ME/CFS is getting some medical treatment, but only from these ME/CFS specialists, and also experimenting with supplements, and trying to find things that may help. There is a list in the roadmap of supplements that have been show in studies to have some mild benefit for ME/CFS.

      However, if you only have very mild symptoms that would not quite be classed as ME/CFS, it may be a little over the top to see one of these ME/CFS doctors. ME/CFS varies greatly in severity, and there is a scale of mild, moderate and severe ME/CFS . Mild means still usually able to work, but you come home so exhausted that you can only just really cook and then go to sleep. You will not have energy for any further activity, and usually you will have cut out most of your social activities due to the exhaustion — that’s mild ME/CFS. Then things get worse if you progress to moderate or severe ME/CFS.

  7. Carbon Coyote, I appreciate that you are trying to help.

    I had a big interest in health and alternative medicine before I caught the virus that triggered my ME/CFS. When I first became ill after catching this virus, I thought that my knowledge of supplements, herbs, and also my background education in science (though not medical science), would help me defeat it.

    But once you are hit with a serious disease, you realize how hard these things are to tackle, and I’ve become somewhat humbled from this experience, in the sense that I now understand that defeating or preventing disease is not as easy as the alternative health community would have you believe. People sometimes complain of the “arrogance of science”, but you find an equal, well not so much arrogance, but perhaps naivety in the alternative health community, who think that tackling serious disease can be achieved just with a few herbs or supplements (a view I admit I also used to subscribe to before I was hit with a serious disease).

    Of course, supplements can still help, if you take the time to explore them, and I’ve found quite a few that help me tackle my symptoms to some degree. But it’s going to take advancements in medical science over the next few hundred years to really eradicate these serious illnesses.

    I apologize for being a little sharp earlier; sometimes with the high fatigue levels from ME/CFS I lose patience when there is too much quackery posted; but I am just trying to encourage scientific discussions here.

    Do you suffer from any of the symptoms or conditions detailed on this website, by the way?

    • The virus’s physical effects on erectile ability were relatively minor, but the effects on libido / sexual desire in the mental sense were much more significant; but ME/CFS is known for low libido.

    • Sorry, Hip …. I just now noticed you left me a comment. No worries, I’m sure this post gets hit with all sorts of quackery. It must be taxing moderating this thing, lol.

      Yes, I’ve had several of the problems you’ve outlined, but I now know that I have Dermatomyositis, and it is hell. I’ve had small gut issues for years (bloating, gas, distended stomach, etc.), but never tied it to my symptoms till I started studying leaky gut, and voila!

      Once you break down your mucosal layer that protects the one cell thick epithelial lining of the gut, every pathogen in town starts penetrating that barrier and getting directly into the bloodstream and wreaks havoc and Autoimmune issues.

      Something that may interest you: if you’re not eating enough resistant starches, your gut bacteria cannot ferment/digest them to create butyrate, which stimulates goblet cells and other bacteria to produce more mucus. Butyrate is the primary fuel source for the epithelial lining. When you eat resistant starches that cannot be digested in the small intestines, they make their way to the large intestines where bacteria ferment/digest them to produce more mucus to keep that mucosal layer nice and thick at all times to keep out unwanted pathogens.

      If you aren’t feeding them a good daily supply of resistant starch they cannot produce butyrate, and what THAT happens, the immune system believes the environment has been taken over by non acid producing pathogens like Candida, and launches a full-on attack on the good gut bacteria believing it must be bad because it isn’t producing butyrate. But they aren’t producing butyrate because we aren’t feeding them resistant starches: https://youtu.be/IgpVv7Vn5p0

  8. I tried taking resistant starch for a few months but without noticing any benefits. Also tried the Clostridium butyricum (Miyarisan) probiotic which specifically makes butyrate, but without seeing any positive effects (though I know a few ME/CFS patients who did well on this probiotic).

  9. This study strongly supports my gumshoe investigation findings about CFS seemingly relating to disruption in the automnomous nervous system and impacts the HPA axis:


    The frustrating people is that very few people are looking into WHY. I believe it is a dysfunctional reaction to chronic/persistent infection in the body.

    • Dr Jacob Teitelbaum would often talk of the role of a dysfunctional hypothalamus in ME/CFS. Though brainstem dysfunction is also present.

  10. Hi Hip, I found this on the internet. This person claims to have a cure for the virus on this site. I have cut and past the article below. Please let us now if this is a true cure or just a hoax to get money out of those suffering from this virus:

    I-Treatment against Coxsackie A and B and Mood Viruses
    Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)
    Home page
    Who am I? Contact

    Mood Virus and Coxsackie A and B Viruses
    I have a number of treatments against viruses. As a result of my work I became infected with the Mood Virus (AKA the chronic sore throat virus see details here). This virus comes on very quickly in a few hours, and is an RNA virus. It seems to be an unknown type of Coxsackie virus which persists indefinitely. It attacks the immune system at the thymus gland (just above the heart), and is particularly nasty if you have other infections. For example it makes Lyme disease much worse and probably TB. Fortunately I now have treatments for this and other Coxsackie A and B viruses.
    When I caught this virus, I had already done a lot of work on viruses, helped two children overcome HIV and myself and other people of the Epstein Barr virus. So I immediately resolved to cure myself of this mood virus. I had to develop the treatment which took some time, and then I became free of it. I caught it a few more times from patients, but each time I improved the treatment and cleared it.
    I have since helped a number of other people with this virus. A few clients had laboratory tests done which showed they had Coxsackie A or B viruses. With further testing I was able to confirm that the Mood virus is a type of Coxsackie virus. With slight modifications to the treatment, I now have treatments for normal Coxsackie A and B viruses as well.
    Treatments against Coxsackie A & B and Mood Viruses
    The Mood Virus comes in primarily through the thyroid and thymus glands (and associated centres), but also through the pituitary gland and spleen. It affects the DNA and the will power, which is important in regulating the immune system. It affects the endocrine system. It can cause sub-clinical viral meningitis. It has a powerful effect on the throat area, as people who have it well-know. It seriously disrupts the immune system at the thymus gland. It damages the DNA in the white blood cells, especially associated with the thymus and spleen. It disrupts the relationship between RNA and DNA, a bit like HIV. And it causes inflammation, and affects the joints where it causes arthritis.
    The treatment is not a chemical. You cannot kill viruses with drugs. For years I have been developing a system of quantum or spiritual healing based upon living waters and living information. This is non-toxic, non-chemical, natural approach, which is very gentle but effective. I have now eliminated bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Viruses such as EBV, CMV, H1N1, HHV6, Coxsackie A and B viruses and others can now be overcome.
    The method involves boosting your immune system in a number of different ways. When the immune system is strong enough, the virus will go. I have now demonstrated this for the above viruses. The boosts required are different for each virus, because they each cause different damage and immune suppression in your body. The treatments are as follows:
    Mood Virus
    The Mood virus treatment consists of 3 small boxes of remedies. Each box contains 15 small bottles in three rows. You take a dose of each of the 5 remedies in the first row in the morning, then of each in the second row later in the day. And then a dose each of the remedies in the last row towards the end of the day. Then on the second day, you take the second box in the same way. Then on the third day you take the third box in the same way. And on the fourth day you go back to the first box. In this way you take all the remedies in a three day cycle, and the treatment should last for 18 to 21 weeks. In practice the virus is likely to have gone long before this. It costs £315 plus shipping.
    Coxsackie A virus
    The treatment for the Coxsackie A virus consists of that for the Mood virus plus ten extra remedies in a separate box. You could take it in a modified three day cycle or a 4 day cycle. The cost is £385 plus shipping.
    Coxsackie B virus
    The treatment for the Coxsackie B viruses consists of that for the Mood virus plus 4 extra remedies in the same three boxes (which reduces shipping costs) You can take them in a slightly modified 3 day cycle. The cost is £343 plus shipping. Thanks wjrf

    • I know the website that you are quoting, it’s linked to in the post just above yours. It’s just nonsense, do not waste your money.

      There is a new antiviral coming out in around 2 years or so that should eliminate this virus from the body. It’s called Rega Compound A. This antiviral completely eradicates coxsackievirus B4 infection in mice.

  11. Thanks Hip, I figured this was money making scheme. I figured you would know for sure. I’m happy to hear about the upcoming antiviral, I’ve been praying for a cure. I’m not affected so much from the virus now, thanks mostly to your recommended treatments on your page. My issue is I want to date again, but I don’t want to contaminate anyone else. As of now, it’s just dinner and a movie and back home alone :) I’m looking forward to being normal again. Thanks for supporting and guiding us through this!

    • Hip,

      In all fairness, can you tell us if it is something you have personal experience with or are just assuming?

    • Developing an antiviral drug just for one virus is something that takes a large team of scientists working hard for decades, and the final cost of development can be as much as half a billion. Though if you think that one guy with no biological training can develop effective treatments in his kitchen that “eliminated bacterial, viral and fungal infections”, you are certainly welcome to try his expensive products.

    • I certainly understand your position and skepticism, and am not 100% a believer. But here are some points from my own learning process, and my email conversations with Richard from this site:
      – Its a different approach. He is not a medical doctor, but a physicist
      – From what I can gather, medical science mostly fails to deal with viruses, except for a select few such as HIV where massive attention and money was directed for decades. The ‘treatment’ for most viruses is ‘supportive’ – ie. stay hydrated while we watch your body hopefully take care of it
      – Medical science still does not understand much about various illnesses, for example why certain people clear viruses X% of the time while others do not.
      – Medicine seems to mostly handle bacterial infections, and even there is beginning to fail as over-prescription of medication is creating drug-resistant super strains.
      – In regards to Richard’s approach specifically: I saw a similar type of remedy mentioned in another forum. The individual had gone to a Lyme clinic in Japan I believe it was, where they Pulse tested various remedies until the body reacted to one. I believe the treatment helped that patient. This is also Richard’s approach (though the pulse testing seems to require someone familiar and practiced with it to do effectively)
      – In his words, the problem with medical science is ‘it ignores the life force’ – we are just beginning to understand the world of energy and the unseen forces that go beyond biology
      – His remedies work to strengthen the immune system against the specific pathogens, not to specifically attack the pathogens themselves

      Again, I’m not saying I’m a believer, but I am testing them. Only problem is I’m not sure what I have. But i certainly think it could be worth someone testing if they are sure they have this specific virus, if for no other reason than to cross every T and dot every I.

    • Claiming that you have tapped into some “life force” is a lucrative approach. Uri Geller made all his money this way.

  12. Hello Hip: I need your advice. I am pretty sure I have this virus, like crepe like wrinkling on hands, random stomach pains and bloating, abdominal weight gain, and frequent episodes of nasal congestion. Recently, I have to take on primary responsibility for a baby and I am paranoid that I will pass this on to the baby by frequent interaction. In your experience, do any infants exhibit symptoms of this virus and is this a serious issue?

    • I know several parents with this virus, and one infant showed some symptoms of the virus, but other infants did not. Generally viral infections are less severe in young children than they are in adults.

  13. Hey Hip,

    May I ask you if you found any medicine, or anything helpful for abdominal fat? I am working really hard to lose it, but only my muscles are getting stronger.

    I am taking:
    Selenomethionine 300 mcg daily
    N-acetyl-glucosamine 500 mg daily
    Horsetail brew 2 times daily

    Also I would like to thank you for what you do. You changed my life.

    • No, unfortunately not. The abdominal fat may be due in part to leptin resistance, so you might consider trying African mango (Irvingia gabonensis) for that. I did not notice much when I tried this herb.

  14. Hi Hip. Do you (or anyone) know what can help with the gum recession and teeth issues? I’m not sure what the cause is so unsure how to approach it – is it overgrowth of bad bacteria? I was reading about probiotic toothpaste, might give that a shot…

  15. Hello Hip,

    Could you tell me if Swanson SeLECT Selenomethionine is yeast-free?
    I tried african mango with hard workout and I lost 1 kilogram, mostly from belly. It seems to work

    • Have a look on their website. Or email them.

      I use Swanson SeMSC Selenium now, which is cheap and yeast-free and just as good as selenomethionine.

  16. It will not work for EBV in vivo. It’s only being considered as a molecular lead for developing new antiviral drugs for EBV. There are already several available drugs that are effective for EBV.

  17. What if the virus caused a gene mutation in copper metabolism to protect itself from macrophages who use copper to create radical oxygen species?

    A copper deficiency/toxicity (in different areas of the body) could explain a lot of the symptoms.

    The Yin and Yang of Copper During Infection

    Congenital cataract, muscular hypotonia, developmental delay and sensorineural hearing loss associated with a defect in copper metabolism

    Proximal Limb Weakness in a Patient with Celiac Disease: Copper Deficiency, Gluten Sensitivity, or Both as the Underlying Cause?

    Using Copper to Improve the Well-Being of the Skin

  18. Dear All,
    I have a question about this disease. Many patients are diagnosed as 《vegetative system dysfunction》in China. Is there a disease called 《vegetative system dysfunction》in your country?

    • The vegetative nervous system is an old name for the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Is that what they mean in China by vegetative system dysfunction?

    • Yes. Vegetative nervous system = ANS. There are thousands of patients, some of whom are unknown pathogens, but they are not aware of the disease because the hospital cannot diagnose. Doctors told them is Vegetative System Dysfunction, they use anti-anxiety drugs but can’t cure for a long time.

    • Someone said that there is no such disease outside China. It is a conspiracy of our government, so I want to check it out.

    • Patients who developed myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) from a viral infection with enteroviruses or herpesviruses often developed dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (called dysautonomia). There are various types of dysautonomia, but a very common one is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), which the dysautonomia I developed after catching my virus.

      Many ME/CFS patients have POTS, or may have similar dysautonomia diseases such as neurally mediated hypotension (NMH) or orthostatic hypotension (OH). POTS, NMH and OH are all caused by dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, and often appear after viral infection.

      It is not clear to me whether the virus described on this website is the same as the Chinese HIV-like virus. Many symptoms are the same, but there are also some differences in symptoms. For example, nobody with my virus ever experienced chest pain, but chest pain is common with the Chinese virus.

  19. The questions above are interesting and I think starting to get somewhere. Personally, I believe that this illness and similar ones somehow attack connective tissue, or otherwise cause the body to metabolize it somehow.

    People all report weight loss and skin thinning. In my own experience, this was preceded by the body breaking down fat (ketones in urine). Then people report weight gain in the belly, indicating a hormone problem.

    The skin problems and mental impacts seem to suggest that there are negative impacts on the skin, and nervous system. I believe these could all be caused by an attack on connective tissue, which is throughout our body. I just don’t know why or how. Either by directly attacking the tissue, or messing up hormones in the gut that change the way the body stores fat.

  20. “DBH is a member of a small unique class of copper-containing hydroxylases that are found in eukaryotes, and all play a critical role in the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones.”

    The crystal structure of human dopamine β-hydroxylase at 2.9 Å resolution

    “We report the case of an elderly woman with severe dysautonomic orthostatic hypotension in whom a deficit in dopamine B hydroxylase has been established.”

    Dopamine B hydroxylase deficiency responsible for severe dysautonomic orthostatic hypotension in an elderly patient.

    “Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is an orthostatic intolerance due to dysautonomia.”

    Reversible postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

  21. Hi Hip,

    Have you ever tried Fluoxetine as a treatment against CBV/ do you know the effectiveness of it against CBV? Recent studies show positive results with certain types, ie B1, B2, B3, B4.

    • I have not tried it myself, but I know that Dr Chia was experimenting with fluoxetine to treat his ME/CFS patients with CVB infections, but I did not hear any positive reports, so I assume it did not work.

  22. hi hip

    IV High Dose Vitamin C for Chronic EBV
    what do you think ? does it work for other kind of viruses..
    thank you..

  23. Taurine seemed to help me a lot. 500 1-3x/ day. Also removed caffeine, it seems to cause fatigue and make symptoms worse. There is a study showing depletion of taurine in gut of CFS.

  24. hi hip

    this md doctor tells high dose iv vitamin c cure lot of different virus infection. he gives example.

    ”Thomas Levy, MD – Vitamin C Past, Present, Future Applications-cure to all known virus, bacterial infections.
    antidote to all known toxins. Amazing. WATCH VERY CLOSELY AT 25:30. Thats right..he said it..ALL KNOWN TOXINS. ”

    thank you

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