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    • Borna disease virus (BDV) was one of the first viruses I considered after I first caught my virus. I have not been tested though. It can be treated with the antiviral amantadine 200 mg daily.

      As far as I can see, though, Borna disease virus does not cause heart symptoms such as myocarditis and heart attacks, which my virus is very prone to do.

    • Borna or not the antiviral treatment for it cured my anxiety. Unfortunately I had to order it from an online pharm. Borna is neurological and has no test that I’m aware of. The test is to see if the treatment works for all.

  1. I have the shingles virus and the glandular fever virus and potentially this virus but I’m not sure if I’ve been tested for enterovorus or not but I fit the symptoms.

    My symptoms are severe sore throat like yours everyday for seven months, swollen glands, pins and needles occasionally , brain fog (was persistent but now it’s more just a feeling of not being on form) headaches at the base of my head constantly , tinnitus. Do you know what anti virals would help me? How do I go about getting them in the UK?

    I’m feeling in desperate need of help :( x

    • Hi Sadgirl

      Do you think you might have chronic fatigue syndrome, which often appears after viral infection? If so, the info in this document may help.

  2. Hip,
    Did you look into the Lyme possibility?
    While l’m asking this question, l’m so far convinced that it can’t be Lyme or a bacteria of any kind.
    However I would like to know your point of view since I’m sure that you did study this possibility.

  3. Good day, All the information on this site is basically a description of the poor excuse that has been my life for so many years. My brains are most affected. I appreciate the treatment options proposed for the various ailments and am wondering if you have any treatment for the skin wrinkling (icing on the cake) and the brown spots. Thank you for this highly informative site. I feel that I finally have found the source of the zillions ailments that have plagued my life.

    • Hi Emma. Glad you find the site useful and informative.

      I have not dedicated much time to looking for treatments for the skin wrinkling, mainly because my other symptoms such a depression, anxiety, anhedonia plus all the chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are still major problems that I am trying to tackle.

      I think the skin wrinkling is likely caused by a loss of elastin in the skin (rather than a loss of collagen). Four enzymes in the body that can destroy elastin are: elastase, MMP-2, MMP-9 and MMP-12. I think raised levels of one or more of these four enzymes is likely causing the skin wrinkles by destroying the elastin. It is possible to reduce the levels of these various enzymes with supplements.

  4. Thank you for your quick response. I admire the depth of your expertise. I will try to pursue this route with an Ottawa naturopathic doctor.

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  6. Hello Hip,

    I did not yet test for Coxsackie but HHV6 was found in my saliva in active replicating form.

    I have and still am wondering if mycoplasma have anything to do with my symptoms, specifically Mycoplasma Fermentans. Have considered this?

    Thanks for your work.

  7. I just wanted to say that, at least for now, and I did not spend too much time on your website yet, – I am leaning towards my skin problem which are exactly like yours – being a bacteria/mycoplasma related condition I also get joint/muscle/bone pain and receding gums.

    I saw you list mouth dryness as a symptom, but do you get slimy saliva and gum pain if you do not brush in the morning? I get this even after brushing and one thing that does seem to help a lot is swishing with H2O2 solution which does make more sense for bacterial as opposed to viral infection. I guess what I am trying to say that in all of these chronic conditions we should not exclude a possibility of different symptoms being caused by different pathogens. Another reason I am leaning in the mycoplasma/bacteria direction is that some species feed on fat and that would make sense in terms of skin condition, because it looks to me that our skin is loosing the fatty layer.

    I am currently dealing with about 70% of symptoms you describe + a thing called PATM (People Allergic To Me). One of the common symptoms that severe cases of PATM people get is very sticky, glue-like skin and slimy/itchy mucous membranes, I wonder if these two conditions could be somehow related.

    Anyhow, thank you, that’s it for now, I’ll be reading more on your website and share if I come across anything new.


  8. PATM (People Allergic To Me) — I had not heard of that before. Has it been validated by a blind test?

    Different pathogens may well cause similar symptoms to those described on this website. In the case of ME/CFS, several pathogens are associated with triggering this disease.

    • Hello,
      If you are asking about PATM being blind validated, unfortunately it is not, it is a condition that doctor’s do not take seriously yet, and a small community of sufferers are working hard on getting resolved.

      There a sister, officially recognized condition called trimethylaminuria, and some people I know have both. I can assure that while not yet officially recognized PATM is a real thing, there are way to many people for all of us to be crazy.

      PATM manifests itself in us, sufferers, causing allergic reaction in other people. So far after years of theories and information research by myself and others it looks like the cause of PATM is a severe degree of intestinal disbiosis. Though still a speculation, overall, most of us have a big shift in our gut flora, with good bacteria missing and non-common bacteria and fungus colonizing our guts, mucous membranes and likely skin.

      The organisms that I and a few others suspect can cause PATM are biofilms producing bacteria – Pseudomonas, Stenotrophomonas, Klebsiella, Serratia, Staphillococus species in symbiosis with some species of fungus, with Aspergius Niger being one of the suspects. Most of PATM sufferers have high titers of mycotoxins in their blood. Big chunk of PATMers have also developed this condition after taking strong antibiotics. The idea is that for one reason or another, the more common, more usual bacteria of healthy human flora get replaced by non-usual not so healthy, but non so benign species, which, do not necessarily cause an acute, but can cause ongoing health issues and cause PATM. How exactly does PATM work? Again a speculation, but both the bacteria and funguses like Aspergillus produce Volatile Organic Compounds and we think that these are the problem.

      After long time of hitting a brick wall with regular docs I decided to go to private labs to prove or disprove this theory and most results are still pending. What I got back so far is a positive test for HHV6 and high Staphylococcus Epidermidis in my nose, which I think might be responsible for constant thick bloody mucous in my notrills and possibly for skin conditions.

      I have recently tested negative for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae/Genitallium/Hominis, Ureaplasma Parvum/Urealiticum also Chlamydia and Chlamydophyla Pneumonae. There a few more Mycoplasmas, like Fermentans, that I wouldn’t mind testing for just in case, but for now I think I am putting these a side.

      Again, I am still to read your website in full, kind of short on time lately, and not trying to dismiss any of your research, but maybe do not dismiss a bacterial infection either.

      I have PATM and 70℅ of you symptoms, including this thing, not PATM, being contagious, so I suspect PATM aside we might have the same problem, I’m just trying to figure out if they are related or not.

      Final thing I am going to say – disbiosis, a replacement of usual body flora by a more pathogenic, is causing more chronic health problems that the current American medical system wants to recognize. This can happen due antibiotics use or colonizing organizms being just good at pushing out the good flora.

      In any case if I come across anything new or my lab results come back with anything interesting – I’ll let you know.


  9. You folks might do some research on Colloidal Silver mixed with DMSO (nebulize, drink, topical) to kill off your viral load. You might also look into MMS (Methylsulfonylmethane) for its Sulfur content (like DMSO), which attaches itself to pathogens. The DMSO is used as a transporting agent to drive the Colloidal Silver deep into all tissues, even bone, and it easily passes through the Blood-Brain Barrier, too. The DMSO is very safe, and has been used for many years to open cell membranes in pathogens that have become resistant to antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral drugs.

    This is Dr. Stanley Jacob’s website, he is the man who Pioneered DMSO:


    Do a YouTube and Google search on DMSO and MSM, you won’t be disappointed.

    Good luck and best wishes to you all.


  10. I have experienced 95% of these symptoms (and more) for approximately 25 years.
    Chronic Fatigue with Chronic Insomnia changed my life dramatically as has increasing anxiety.
    The skin wrinkling I noticed first on the back of my legs many years ago and then on the back of my hands in about 2013 (Identical to your photo).
    I sort cosmetic treatment for my hands along with the red “V Neck” (2013)(Poikiloderma)

    The skin wrinkling and micro creasing of the skin has progressed rapidly this year (Feb 2017) to my neck, shoulders, chest, inner elbows, and now (March 2017) palms of my hands and tops of my feet.

    I also have progressing facial scarring alopecia (5th year) (Now resembling acne scarring)

    In 2015 I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis (hips) and in 2017 my knees.

    In January (2017) I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus (shoulders to feet).

    I find the skin wrinkling (and scarring) the most distressing psychologically and this leads to extremely debilitating anxiety and depression to the point where I cease to function.

    I have come to terms with always feeling ill and exhausted and a very limited social life (and life) however the skin disorders are the most distressing for me and I am currently seeking a cosmetic solution to this.

    I can no longer work due to the Chronic Fatigue and endless medical problems.

    56 yr old Australian caucasian male.

  11. Hi. I believe this illness is the same as the one on the unknown virus/HIV std thread elsewhere. I believe I have unfortunately contracted this. I am under 25 years old, and I am currently 8 months in since my sexual encounter where everything went wrong after. I am experiencing the shiny, crepe-like wrinkly skin at the back of my hand and the collarbone/chest area. Besides that, I am experiencing foamy urine, white tongue and blurry vision. Have had heavy bouts of muscle twitching but they have since disappeared. I did not have any sore throat pain, enlarged lymph nodes, but the effect on my emotional state of mind has been insane with the brain fog / memory loss.

    Do you have any idea if this will reduce the lifespan? Also, is there any way to manage the foamy urine, white tongue and wrinkled skin?

    Regards, with much thanks.

    • Hi Afflecks

      It’s unclear whether the virus described on this website is the same as the Chinese “HIV-like virus, but with the Chinese virus, usually people become much better after around 1 or 2 years with the virus. I have seen Chinese patients report this numerous times. So if you have the Chinese virus, that is good news in that respect.

      The Chinese virus is described here: https://sites.google.com/site/newhivaidslikeviruschina/

      I have not found anything to help the white tongue and wrinkled skin. I don’t think the virus described on this website will reduce lifespan.

      You might want to see your doctor about the foamy urine; see: http://www.healthline.com/health/foamy-urine#Causes3 . It can be caused by protein in the urine.

  12. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember and I worry about everything so after stumbling across this page while (stupidly I know) searching my symptoms it has terrified me to discover I almost have all of these symptoms described (even down to the dental problems ans fungal skin infections) and I’ve had then for over 6 months now at least. I’m from England and my doctor is terrible so what should I do? Is there anything semi immediate I can do to ease the main symptoms so I’m in a better mental state especially to get further help? Thanks a lot it would mean the world to me to get some advice. Kieren

    • I’ve written a general update with what tests i’ve had so far etc. but it doesn’t appear to be showing up yet so i’ll reply here just in case. I have been taking that for about 2 weeks now and apart from a small reduction in nasal congestion I can’t say it’s doing a lot, I also take flax-seed oil and turmeric for the anxiety as suggested on several sites and a strong (7 individual tablets every day) multivitamin as well with little results. Anything else you can suggest? I’d much rather go and speak to a professional than try and treat myself but very few people especially in England have any idea of what I’m talking about. Thanks for all the help and advice you’ve given so far Hip you’ve done more than any doctor has for me in years.

  13. I am a PhD physicist who has been developing a system of quantum physic for the last 30 years. I caught this virus some years ago and cured myself. I have treated a few other people and they have either been cured or improved significantly. This is not a chance happening, but the result of a systematic program over many years to boost the immune system to eliminate a number of infections, including bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections. I have treatments for a number of other infections which have produced good results. This is a new science and a new healing technology. So I believe I can help other people with this virus. My research (linked to lab tests) suggests that the mood virus is a type of unknown coxsackie virus. By adding boosts to the treatment it can also be used to treat known coxsackie A and B viruses. My website is out of date, and has been censored, but you will learn more information there. Richard

  14. Hello Hip,

    As I have mentioned here before I think that this problem is bacterial rather then viral in nature. I do not have anything to prove or disprove this theory yet, but I have been reading a lot of medical literature including many research articles and combined with some recent anecdotal evidence I think there is something to this hypothesis. I think an atypical Mycobacteria might be the cause behind this disease.

    Would you be open to corresponding on the topic of this problem through e-mail? I would really appreciate your help/input and if we could share some anecdotal information, some things I do not exactly feel comfortable discussing in public guestbook.

    Thanks in advance,

  15. Hi Alex

    I suspect that many people on this site may have different infections (as well as non-infectious conditions) driving their symptoms, so what applies to one person may not apply to another. Your case may well be driven by a bacterial infection, but other people may have a different cause.

    Do you have brain fog and fatigue, and if so, do you meet the CDC criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome? In which case, you would find a lot of help on the Phoenix Rising ME/CFS forum.


    • Hi Hip, thanks for replying,

      I do not have CFS, no brain fog, at least not major. I was thinking about starting a thread on that message board, or even creating a message board dedicated to this/my problem, but for now I am trying to understand which symptoms are and which are not related.

      I am reaching out to you because besides the symptoms that could not be related, I have – wrinkling of the skin, which over the last year has spread to friends and family. Mood issues similar to what you’re describing. This infection has started to cause all kinds of seemingly unrelated health issues in friends and family. My gums have recede drastically over about 1.5 year perioud. and other health issues started appearing which given my age should not be appearing. I do have a subset of symptoms that are quite unique, but comparing to the ones described above – they are of not significant importance.

      Even though I think everyone should be open to alternative perspectives and views to an obscure problems like this, I do not want to be pushing any alternative theories, as I really don’t have any hard evidence yet and maybe it is indeed a C. type virus, I did not test for it yet.

      The main reason for me reaching out to you is because I would really appreciate sharing some of my observations and want to to get you opinion on some of those observations, to compare symptoms and get your thoughts. The reason I’m reaching out to you is because there is not that many people that are spending their efforts on this.

      I understand where you are coming from in saying that many people may have different reasons for their problems, and that might be true, but I want to assure you I am not stubbornly convinced in anything and not trying to persuade you in any alternative view, right now I’d just really appreciate some of your time to see if my observations have any merit and how similar or dissimilar our conditions are.

      Thank you and thank you in advance.

  16. Hi Hip. Regarding the wrinkles, do you only have them at the back of your hand? I notice them especially so along the collar bone/chest area. I’m about 8 months in since my infection. Really worried what will happen in years. Cheers.

  17. hi hip I read this story . what is your thoughts about it ? can we get any benefit for the same treatment.

    Dr. Paul Marik of Eastern Virginia Medical School
    Sepsis is basically a super infection.
    He thought it might help, and since the common steroid hydrocortisone works in a similar fashion, he asked nurses to combine Vitamin C and steroids, and inject them intravenously.
    He then added thiamine (vitamin B-1) to the mix.
    Now, 150 patients have been treated and have recovered

    thank you..

  18. (NOTE: There appears to be problem with my comments being published so if I post more than one comment with very similar wording just delete any duplicates as I can’t see them, thank you.
    Anyway my third time writing this comment:

    Hi just wanted to post a little update on how I’m doing and what “treatments” I’ve done so far, spoiler alert: Nothing is working much and doctors have no idea how to help me. In the last two months I’ve seen three separate GP’s five times in total with little results or explanation for what is causing me to have about 90% of the symptoms listed on this site. I’ve had two blood tests (with one coming back as a high white blood cell count but that was due to an active tonsillitis infection which was easily treated with antibiotics) but otherwise normal and also a chest x ray (not sure why but I agreed to do it for peace of mind) and unsurprising that came back normal as well. I feel like I’m getting nowhere and the doctors I’m seeing have no idea what I’m talking about or how bad my quality of life has become. I’ve tried a lot of vitamins etc. and several of the treatments for the anxiety and mental symptoms in particular all in varied strenghts and combinations with no real changes. I’m at a loss as to what I can do next as I have no idea who to speak to in the UK who will understand the virus I ‘seem’ to have. I’m sorry to grovel as we are all in the same boat but I’m just so tired from it all, the various recurrent infections and mental symptoms mean I literally have no life and haven’t had for a couple of years now and at 19 years old it’s really getting to me. If anyone has any advice at all or wants to talk in more detail ( as I can’t write my whole story/symptoms here in one post) it would mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading my boring post. Kieren

  19. Oh my goodness, I’m sitting here tonight feeling horrid, trying to get a handle of why I feel like this. I dealt with multiple issues for years. Sinuses sit right in the middle of this along with asthma and migraines. As I read your info I keep connecting. I’m going to spend some more time with this. Thank you, Michel

  20. In a nutshell, this is article describes me to an accuracy level of at least 90%. I am speechless right now after reading this. I have to go re read it.

  21. Hi

    after working a motor spares and accessories store i noticed my hands became creppie looking. making my hands look like its 80 something.

    Your feedback would be appreciated
    thank you

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