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  1. Hello,

    I can’t believe I found someone suffering the same thing as me! I don’t have all the syptoms, however, I have most of them and I know for a fact what I have is “catchy”. I gave this to ALL of my boyfriends in the past!!!!!! My husband and I suffer daily with these symptoms and no one can figure it out. This is begining to get very scary!

  2. bonjour,

    Votre sujet sur ce “virus” m’a interesse, pour ma par j’ai un peu les meme symptome, cela fait tres longtemps que ca dure, en plus de tous cela j’ai deux barre brulante de chaque cote des machoires qui cause des degats a la deglutition, et qui me paralyse la gorge de temps en temps, pour ma par je pense savoir l’ethiologie qui serai sexuellement transmissible, j’ai connu une fille il y a environ 10 ans, cette relation a dure 3 ou 4 mois, separation apres tous ces symptomes son venus insidieusement,je sais qu’elle m’a cache quelque chose, j’ai entendu des collegues qui l’a connaisse dirent qu’un homme, moi pour ne pas me cite lui avait transmis une salopperie qui affecterait les machoire avec le temps et qui necessite une operation de la gorge. Je connais un homme qui a vecu une semblabe histoire, il on trouve son probleme apres l’avoir opere car cette “infection” avec cause des domage au niveau du cou/gorge, maintenant il vie avec une cicatrice d’une oreille a l’autre. Je fais tout pour eviter cela, je souffre en silence, je n’ai pas trouve de solution.

  3. I think I have a somewhat similar condition, though I’m not sure if it’s quite the same. About a year ago, I began to feel alot of discomfort in my throat and it won’t go away. I always have this feeling of tightness in my thraot and it makes breathing very uncomfortable for me, and it also makes speech difficult . Also, it makes my thoughts all clouded, especially in social situations. It’s very frustrating. I’m also constantly tired. I have no idea what it is and I really hope I find an answer because it’s really just ruining my life.

  4. Its quite true there is something quite bad out there. I believe I’ve got it to and from what I’m hearing word of mouth a large part of the city i’m in may have it also alot of people have been sick a long time. I’m starting to think you don’t even need direct contact to pick up the virus, just talking to someone in close quarters is probably enough, Its good that people are trying to bring this to light because the doctors up here in Canada don’t seem to want to accept that there’s something new or order the required tests to get to the bottom of it. I think the virus may be related to CMV, or HSV1( although lesion cultures don’t verify HSV1).The initial several months seemed to me as if I had CMV induced mono, and no one seems to really know the extent of its symptoms. I’ve noted facial itching and pimple like bumps ,along with mild tongue and mouth sores as symptoms also. I’m really not sure how bad this could get.

    REPLY: Thanks for sharing those details. Did you suffer most of the symptoms (physical and mental) listed on this site? If anyone else you know has similar experiences, please show them this site. Doctors usually say that viral infections are “self-limiting”. This is usually the case with many viruses. However, this one is persistent. Not much can be done anyway, when it comes to viruses, since very few antiviral drugs exist at present. The anti-enterovirus Pleconaril, which will be available soon, may be helpful if this chronic sore throat virus is of the enterovirus genus. – Hip

  5. I live in the caribbean and have these sympthoms as well.Is very frustrating that all medical tests indicate that I’m ok.I started to have these sympthoms 2 years ago,eat ealthy food,do excercise twice a week,don’t drink or smoke and still got this decease.I’m starting to believe 2 things; one is it could be a secondary effect of new medicine development such as LIPITOR ,just to mention a name not that it actually came from it. And my second theory is that there is something going on with the air we’re breathing call it the ozone layer effect or someone has an evil hand and is doing some bad to humanity. I just feel life is not what it use to be after these sympthoms came to my life. Sorry for me being melodramatic!


  6. I’am feeling very similiar. A sore throat that wont go away for the last 2 months. I’ve noticed myself feeling more depressed, and not very sociable. I went to the docter and he just said infected pharynx and gave me some ammonium trihydrate which actually did make a difference for as long as the antibiotics lasted. Before this i did have tonsilitous from a viral infection of some sort, I did chew tobacco for about a year, and was thinking this is what caused it. It would be nice to find a cure.

  7. Many people are reluctant to talk about this. I called friends at the CDC and NIH. Now these guys do not normally go “deaf” when asked a question. But that’s precisely what they did.

    There is a growing concensus that the current crop of “weird” and “old” disease were seeing here in the US for the first time in 50 years is directly related to the illegal immigrants entering from third world countries where their healthcare is far worse in quality than ours is. Many of these people carry parasites, infections, bacteria, and disease causing organisms that we’ve NEVER EVEN SEEN IN THE US BEFORE!

    Of course it’s a political “hot potato” and “incorrect as hell” to even mention this fact. But indeed – fact is precisely what is being said in the halls of the NIC and the CDC, The die is cast. We’ve got to stop illegal immigration or start running every bit of the immigrants themselves through serious diagnostic testing and treatment to clear up these diseases BEFOR they move out into US society.

    REPLY: Thanks for your comments. It seems that several factors combined are creating an unprecedented increase in infectious diseases worldwide. These factors include globalization and cheap air travel, so that a substantial proportion of the world population are in constant global transit (carrying their pathogens with them); mass urbanization, which brings people to live more and more crowed cities, and into much closer contact with each other; economic migration, which displaces great numbers of people around the world; human incursion into untouched natural environments and habitats (for example, cutting down rains forest, which brings humans into contact with previously unknown tropical viruses, parasites and other pathogens). Furthermore, global warming will soon be adding further problems and more communicable diseases, since the warmer climate will allow mosquitos and thus mosquito-borne diseases to expand from the tropics well into the temperate zones, perhaps as far up as New York. – Hip

  8. +1

    I’ve got the same issue, fear I may have infected others as well. It started with me thinking the anxiety was from a recurring sinus infection. Several rounds of antibiotics and over a year later, I still frequently have an inflamed throat, tons of mucus, anxiety / panic disorder, headaches, fatigue, and generally feel like I have a cold. I have no idea what to do, but I hope someone can figure this out.

  9. I’ve had the throat symptoms everyone has described here consistently for around one year. Sometimes the symptoms die down, and sometimes they become very very aggravated. I feel like i have to burp to relieve them and this only works to a very small degree. I’ve recently been prescribed omeprazole because my doctor believes I may have Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease which would explain the throat symptoms. I suffered CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for around four years when I was a teenager, and it pretty much disappeared. I think the tiredness, anxiety, depression, cognitive disability etc associated with the symptoms described on here are probably a side effect of the virus/Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease as when I suffered with CFS/ME I didn’t have a throat problem.

    Please let me know if anyone else on here has been prescribed omeprazole for their throat problem. I will update my post here when i’ve completed my course of treatment.

  10. Early December I fell ill almost immediately. I woke and noticed some pressure behind my eyes that made me feel as though they would burst. Next came a strong headache that accompanied the pressure. At first I thought it was a sinus headache. I laid down and had a high fever that night. I took some ibuprofen and the fever died down and I began to feel ‘normal’ again. 2 days later I contracted a sore throat that just irritated me. The pain was minute but the odd thing was that is went from one side of my throat to the other jumping from side to side. This happened for about 2 weeks and as the days progessed I noticed that my sore throat was worse at night. A friend of mine had amoxicillan so I started poppin those like candy thinkin I was developing strep. I realize now that was idiotic but I was desperate to get rid of this nuisance. The last straw was when I woke and the left side of my throat had swollen and made me cringe to swallow. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with a mild respiratory infection/sinus infection. I took the Z-pack (arythromycillin, i can’t remember exactly) and the allergy meds he prescribed me and for 3 days I felt great. Then my subtle sore throat returned, again going from one side to the other every 2 days. I did the old fashion gargling with salt water and the next morning I woke and it was gone. Since then it has only returned once and I gargled and it disappeared leaving me with a farewell cough. I have spoken to several people lately and there are random symptons going around from people ranging to Utah to California to here in Texas. I’m still gaining back my desire and I’m slowly gaining motivation back. For a while I thought I must have been going crazy because I just didn’t feel like myself. I think that is the hardest is getting yourself back into the swing of just doing it. I sympathize with all of you who feel the same symptons

  11. hello,

    its almost three years im having this sore throat which wouldn’t go, i have to say unfortunately i have almost all the symptoms (except a few like aggressive behaviour and skin wrinkles) which are mentioned in the text and i cant believe someone else is having the same symptoms as me.i tried to get rid of the throat problem by having a tonsillectomy 1 year ago, which i thought would cure me , but even now there has not been 1 day without a sore throat. it is even showing the psychological symptoms and my physical and mental state is getting out of control. i have become a loner and surely tired of takin the antibiotics and other medicins which only give temporary relief.i gargle almost everyday to stay afloat. the feeling is just getting stronger that the condition wont improve. i dont know what to .please , if anybody has any kind of treatment or cure please do post at this website so that it could benefit all or mail at .

  12. I’ve had a similar problem that started in the beginning of December. It started like an ordinary cold, that gradually got worse. Pressure behind the eyes, sore throat, lots of mucus. I thought it was a really bad cold/flu. That cleared all cleared after about a week, except for the sore throat. That stayed and after another week or so I started to lose my voice. I went to the doctors and they said I’d developed Laryngitis, and he gave me antibiotics. Sure enough the anibiotics did the trick but after the course finished my sore throat has crept back and my throat’s been sore again for the past 3 weeks. I’ve tried herbal remedies, gargling mouth wash and salt water, drinking lots of water. Nothing seems to shift it. I’d love any advice!!!!

  13. I’ve had a chronic sore throat since April of 07 with a lot of these same symptoms. It started after I got a cold. All of the cold symptoms went away except the sore throat. I’m constantly coughing up mucus throughout the day and I feel like I’ve got congestion in my lungs. I’ve been to the doctor several times, they have treated me for post nasal drip, acid reflux, and allergies. They also tested my immune system and said everything was normal. I tried antibiotics and they had no affect.

  14. Wow! I’m getting kind of scared reading all of these posts. I caught what appeared to be a mild rhinovirus in September 2007. Mild sore throat, with lots of mucus coming from my nasal passages. It cleared up after about a week, but never truly “went away”. It seems to “come and go” as if I were constantly being re-infected with some virus. I do feel tired most of the time, and consequently have depressed mood. I’ve taken tons of Wellness Formula vitamins and drunk gallons of Emergen-C.

    I don’t known if what I have is the same as what is described on this site, but I am getting worried now and wonder if I should go and see my doctor.

  15. Hello, I caught cold sometime last november and everything cleared except for this sore throat. It just does not go away whatever I try. I tried Antibiotics, Paracetamols, Lemsip, Hotwater with lemon and honey etc., Vsisited GP couple of times and they said it is just common this time of the year and will go away after a while. But I am sure this is something different. It is not painful, but I have to constantly clear my throat and it is always in the back of my mind and is causing mood swings and these days, I am unusally aggressive. If anyone find any remedy for this please mail me at Thanks for this wonderful site. Hope we will all get some help and find a permanent cure for this virus.

  16. Couldn’t all your symptoms be caused by anxiety and stress? Anxiety can do all sorts of strange things to the body, from extreme paint to passing out!! I think a change of lifestyle would be the best solution.

  17. Yes it’s definitely anxiety. Look up Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have it and I also have everything you have listed here. I also have normal test results. But i unfortunately failed the general anxiety test(questionaire), which proved to the doctors and the psychologist that in fact have generalized anxiety. It can make you very physically ill, because it does me. Presently all of my joints are hurting so bad i can’t stand it. It all came on slowly and my life has not been the same since. It has caused me to have: restless leg syndrome, heart palpations, chronic joint pain(tension), acid reflux, sore throat(sometimes it just feels like a lump, followed by soreness), depression, it can even make your thyroid levels high. When I go through my actualy mental breakdown about every two to three years, i get so sick i can’t even work or do anything for like 2 months. I get paranoid and start freaking out wondering what is wrong with me, then i go back to the doctors and pyschologist for them to tell me the same thing, “generalized anxiety.” Trust me when I say it feels more physical than mental. I had no idea at all that it was anxiety, I never thought I was that nervous before this happened. It sneaks up on you and confuses you because you don’t want to believe it is mental, because it doesn’t feel mental. i get it from stress.

    REPLY: For people diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: this is a useful diagnosis, but it does not explain why the anxiety suddenly appeared in the first place. In fact, many viruses and pathogens cause both the symptoms of severe anxiety, as well as the various other symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, symptoms such as stomach problems, trouble concentrating, fatigue, muscle tension. Some doctors say that it is the anxiety that precipitates all these physical symptoms; but more probably, the viral infection causes both a brain chemistry imbalance that results in constant anxiety, as well as causing all these other physical symptoms. – Hip

  18. is there any verification that this is a real virus? it dosnt sound like there is and the symptoms are of hundreds of other problems. I have had most of these symptoms for about a year and doctors dont know what it is. There are hundreds of lifelong illnesses that will debilitae and deteriate you uintill the day you die. the only thing you can do is change your attitude and try to be happy how you are. I have met with chief doctors in the us and they told me that the medical community dosent know anything about thousands of viruses, and nothing is in the works to help with this because of funding and they have no idea where to start. I was sad to hear this but i realized that there isnt any point in trying to figure this dissease out. just live the best you can even if that means being sick for the rest of your life.

  19. I’ve been troubled by many of the symptoms mentioned in the original post, particularly chronic fatigue, sore throat (sore lymph nodes), mental fatigue (brain fog), difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, speech problems, clumsiness, muscle weakness/fatigue. I also have suffered inexplicable depression (my mind is always full of warm / positive thoughts, but my brain for some reason always feels in a depressed state as if my serotonin levels are being effected by always being fatigued)

    What seems to make me stand out from everyone else who has posted here is that I suffered from this pretty much all my life i.e. over 20+ years. No-one else in my family has contracted or suffers from this so whatever I have is not contagious. I was diagnosed with CFS in 1998 & recent tests have showed that I don’t appear to suffer from KS.

    The doctors believe I’m normal, but I know this chronic fatigue / sore throat has affected every aspect of my life. My social contact is minimal and I just can’t physically pursue the activities I would really like to.

    In the past I’ve had blood tests and scans which have not revealed anything. At my age, I’m coming to a very crucial phase on many fronts and I really would like some answers to all I’ve been suffering from for all these years.

    I’d appreciate any thoughts/comments on lines of investigation to pursue and also any treatment which may help alleviate some of the worse symptoms of CFS & chronic sore throat.

  20. I’ve had something like this since August 2007. Several bouts of ‘flu-like’ bug (felt like the same bug) left me with a throat which is red and inflamed, waxes and wanes and never gets better. I’m on a very healthy diet, water etc. and nothing improves it. It’s draining my work, life and relationships. I also get heart palpitations – due, I think, to a general weaknes (The Weakness I call it) and frailness and inability to handle anthing stressful any more. I feel very old before my time! Waiting on CBC and virology results next week .. let’s see what comes of it, but I’m pretty sure everything will be negative. My throat is infamed, tonsils and epiglotis blown up like baloons. No other lymph node issues or anything worrying at this point. Dr was suggesting it is psychsomatic .. but I’m not sure.

  21. I have been sick for over one year. Started with a flu-like disease that I couldn’t “shake”. Went to primary care doc complaining of fatigue. Physician Assistant ordered blood work – tested for everything under the sun. Everything came back negative except Lyme disease but doc said it was not a significant finding and I did not have Lyme disease. About 3 months later, after yet another visit to the primary care doc, I got major arthritis – almost every joint in my body was affected. Was sent to rheumatologist who did more blood work. Test came back positive for ParvoB19 virus active infection. The Lyme came back positive again, but we determined that the parvo virus was cross reacting with some Lyme antibodies, I did not have Lyme disease, I had chronic Parvo.

    I am still IgG/IgM positive for parvo. I was starting to feel better (I thought) then I got hit again. My son’s school sent home a newsletter stating that Parvo was confirmed to be going around the school – I was not surprised, because I was feeling sick again. Only this time, I got the sore throat and thick mucous in the nose and throat, mild cough and depression and irritablilty symptoms.

    I have been sick for 2 weeks with this new one. I was researching my symptoms when I read this post about chronic sore throat virus. I wonder if I got the new virus or if I got hit with another strain of parvo???!!!

    I also have the stomach upset – very distressing for me. I already have Irritable Bowel Syndrme and depression – now I have a virus to blame them on.

    hope they find out what is going on soon


    REPLY: Thanks for sending in those details. It is interesting that chronic Parvovirus can cause a Lyme test to come out positive, even if there is no Lyme disease. Have you tried intravenous immunoglobulin? Parvovirus B19 apparently responds well to intravenous immunoglobulin. – Hip

  22. I wanna tell everyone i went on a trip to the philippines approx. 2 months ago and contracted some kind of debilitating virus..i got this virus almost during the end of my 3 week stay in a town called ginatilian..near started with a very sore throat and 2 days later after returning home in america..i broke out with a puss like red rash all over my groin-leg area my arms and my chest..i had a mild fever also and went to the hospital where they diognosed me with scarlet fever? i was given ammoxicillan which cured the rash but many other new symptoms still persist..very bad mental state(brain fog) loss of concentration..feeling of mild dementia also my body aches all the time and my skin is starting to get loose and wrinkling almost like i was 20 yrs older than i am at 41..all these symptoms have started approx. 1 month ago..only 1 month after catching this virus..could this be from contaminated water i bathed with? or maybee coming in close contact from livestock?( cockfight roosters) or maybee a mosquitto bite? and what should i do to try to treat this?

  23. hi, just came across this site in my mad search to find out what on earth is going on with my throat some elements in this sounds very similar to what im going through.

    I have been getting constant sore throats for over 6 years now, in the first year they did bloods tests thinking i had glandular fever but they told me it wasnt infectious and was just a sore throat. After another year i went back and told them i must have something wrong as it hasnt cleared up, i was sent to a throat specialist who said i could have my tonsils out if i wanted but the problem should just subside..

    6 years after it started my throat looks a total wreck and it has spread right down my throat, its just slightly raised bumps on the walls of my throat and my tonsils and the back of my tongue. Quite often my lymph nodes swell, at the minute its just my right side.. its really odd!!

    Its actually driving me mad!

    Having said all that, my boyfriend of 5 years doesnt have any of the symptoms and rarely suffers from sore throats or many health problems, so whatever i have isn’t contagious.

    Anyone got any idea what i might have?!

  24. wow! look at all of these people with the same sore throat as me! i came down with it in early december, and after a diagnosis of “laryngitis”, “upper respiratory virus”, then “bronchitis”, as well as blood tests which were all normal, i still have a severe sore throat – tonight it hurts so much i can barely swallow – i dont seem to have the brain symptoms yet, but after reading others’ comments, now i’m worried that i’m heading for the “brain fog”! it doesnt help my throat that i teach 4th grade and am talking nearly all day long… i am just amazed that doctors have no answers for this – it is very frustrating to know that this sore throat that i’ve had for bearly 3 months could go on indefinitely…it really takes away my desire to interact with anyone because it takes so much effort to talk – i have 2 kids at home, and i would like to stay active enough for them as well as for my husband….this is really a drag, and advice that is based on “just let it pass” is really unhelpful!! and as sick as i have been lately, no one else in my family has been sick at all…i am hoping that the 300+ germ vectors that i’m around on a daily basis are the reason for this ongoing sickness, and that when i leave for summer vacation i will feel much better!

    good luck to everyone!

  25. haha….its ironic my sister had it ,my mom and i just got it,and we seem to manage to stop it or at least slow it down.we believe my sister has gotten rid of it completely,but ill have to check and see. some symptoms are headaches,dizziness,shaking,sever fevers, hot breathing(above usual)sudden eye blurrs,nonstop coughing.I believe it came on the easternwinds.if not treaded IMMEADIETLY it will continue to spread troughout the body.for some people it only last a few days others months.

  26. I discovered your chronic sore throat/mood virus -an emerging new virus site yesterday because one of our parents said her daughter had had a sore throat and a headache that has resulted in completely numb legs. She cannot feel anything although she is able to walk. I was searching the web for clues to this odd ailment and found you!!! I work in a middle school office and see dozens of sick kids daily. I am the clerk, not a nurse, however 16 yrs ago I had a sore throat followed by a resporitory inf that lasted 7 wks. Drs say I have Fibromyalgia, CFS, and EBV. Normally I try to ignore it but your site has peeked my interest. Last summer EBV became very active again and since then I’ve felt terrible every day. Dr isn’t treating it though–says nothing can be done. I think after I read more on your site I’ll get a new dr. (again). I don’t know your name or who you are but I’m grateful to you for putting up this site.

  27. I have all the symptoms and have convinced myself I have got HIV, I am going for a test on Tuesday, Every time I have been back to my GP complaining of a sore throat that I have had for 6 months they send me away, no swob no tablets nothing……..

    I have changed doctors and will go there tomorrow, I have been so worried and upset that seeing this site has helped calmed my stress a little, Has anyone recovered fully apart from Sky…

  28. There is no “new virus” emerging. sorry to burst everyones bubbles. The symptoms alot of you are experiencing are big sign of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mono, allergies, or even common flu/cold.

    Sore throat, fatigue, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes. are symptoms of pretty much ANYTHING

    Anxiety, stress and depression also play a big role in this as well. Its very possible you might be worrying so much that you are making yourself sick.

    And if you have time to notice your skin is wrinkling……i dont even know what to say to that. people get old, its apart of life. And STRESS also causes wrinkles which alot of you seem to be experiencing since you are so worried about whats wrong with you.

    I reccomend getting a hobby other than browsing the internet to find out whats wrong with you. That’s very unhealthy and all it does is convinces you that you are dieing of some disease.

    Occupy your mind with another hobby you enjoy and dont think or worry about whats wrong with you and who knows, maybe you might notice a change in your mental and physical health.

    Best luck to you all


  29. Tye, I am somewhat an intermediary between you and reality. Post nasal drip is not a symptom of anxiety, however; I agree that there is no new virus emerging. It is doubtful there is a single causitive factor in this blogger’s symptoms.

    There will be allopathic blood tests that come back positive for these symptoms, but its extremely difficult to find the correct one, and is inefficient economically.

    Might I suggest prednisone (not methyl or prednisolone) for the blogger. This coupled with ethanol somehow made my symptoms go away for a day. Unfortunately, these are terrible to take long term.

    Famciclovir has promise for me, acyclovir not so much. Ceftin does not decrease respiratory symptoms, but improves QOL. Everyone says their symptoms mimic yours.

    Mine not only mimic yours, but I have I done as much research as you have. I have yet to try antidepressants, even after 3 years of torture. Its my next step, because I will do anything to get back what I had.

    My onset was body fluid contact, and was probably exacerbated by administration of immunosuppresants to eliminate swelling of the tonsils. I’m 21 and will be graduating soon.

    REPLY: Many thanks for those interesting treatment ideas. Famciclovir is new to me; I tried acyclovir for 6 weeks with no discernible improvement. I will look into this. The powerful antiviral valganciclovir is something I may also try in the future – but there are risks. I have not tried prednisone, but read (ref) that it often works just for a few months – and does so by reducing the fierceness of the immune response, which makes you feel great; but it is possible that the virus will continue multiplying in your body, so that in the long term, you may not benefit. By contrast, the Marshall Protocol (refs: 1 2 3) tries to cure CFS by boosting the immune system, and with MP you actually feel worse for several months before you get better. I tried testosterone, and it did help with the fatigue and concentration, but it is not the cure (or near cure) that I seek. Thanks once again for writing; if you have any another other suggestions, please post them. – Hip

  30. Also, there are many similarities between prednisone and anabolic steroids. If you are a man, low dose testosterone therapy may be effective. It will eliminate endogenous production, unfortunately. This undesired effect can be quelled with either intermittent methenolone acetate (discontinued) or human chorionic gonadotropin. Oxandrolone is an immune system booster given to AIDS patients, and has shown some in vivo immune improvement, long term use can cause liver test abnormalities, whereas methenolone acetate will not.

    If you are post-menopausal, low dose test for fatigue has been patented.

  31. Wow !! I have been suffering from this forever the pins and feeling cold my lower gum line dropping and becoming numbed, constant sore throat , respiratory problems, weight loss & loss of appetite, and the constant fatigue. I don’t feel tired but if I stop moving and sit on a chair or couch or lay on my bead I go to sleep . I initially thought it was cancer of some sort it has all the signs but after a testing I was negative of cancer which was a relief but I dunno if my doctor thinks I am crazy or what cause we keep trying things and it’s not working.

    REPLY: Absolutely perfect! In your first two sentences here, you neatly summarize all the main effects of this virus – including the very strange way it makes you fall asleep as soon as you sit down to take a break. This is more than just fatigue; it really feels like having a sleepiness drug sometimes. It is a very strange virus. It may be a stronger version of the ordinary Epstein-Barr virus or Coxsackie virus. Perhaps you might see you doctor to get tested for these. Please write again if you find anything out that everyone else here can benefit from knowing. – Hip

  32. I also understand the go get a hobby thing but I am 20 years old Played Rugby and Hockey pretty much all my life and I worked out every day. I slowly have been getting weaker and just not able to do those kind of things any more. The respitory is what baffles most people I have talked to because in the sports I played you are pretty much going all the time, and I can barely run for a long duration of time. I do not smoke and occasionally drink, I have been taking puffers and everything they temporarily work. I do not have asthma and was tested for cancer , got a physical completed there is nothing showing, but I try to do physical activity and cannot . Also i would have no reason to be depressed or stressed . The only thing I am stressed out about is the respitory , sore throat , numb gum line , and lack of strength .

  33. I just want you to know that I too suffered from a sore throat, chronic fatigue, and some of the other symptoms mentioned for 10 years. When it first started, I went to two or three specialists, because I thought it might be cancer in my throat because I was in pain EVERY day. They didn’t find anything and were insulting about it so I gave up looking the medical route. I tried eating healthy, exercise, vitamins, yoga, sleep, everything I could think of, but I always had that sore throat. Finally, I began reading about Chronic Fatigue and I ended up on a site that listed side effects of the mercury in my dental amalgams. I had heard of the toxic effects of the mercury before, but I never associated them with my health problems and I wasn’t sure that I believed it. I never thought that what was in my mouth would inflame my throat, but materials are released from the “silver” fillings into your saliva, and you swallow them. I was so tired of having that horrible sore throat every damn day, so I took the plunge. Seven years ago, I had my amalgams removed and my throat stopped hurting, my energy returned, and I also stopped having chronic yeast infections. Most people consider the amalgams safe, but there is a portion of the population (about 10%) that are very sensitive to their contents. I am sure that it is not the cause of everyone’s illness on this page, but I wanted to open your eyes to a possibility, especially if you had dental work done around the time your “illness” began.

    REPLY: Many thanks for sharing that Kathy.

    – Hip

  34. Im 20 and i go to school for respiratory therapy and manage a rock supply company.

    When i was younger I used to suffer from many symptoms like these, mostly had an ongoing chronic sore throat that I would get so frustrated over since it lasted for months at a time. It was all I thought about and I would spend a lot of time researching to find out what was wrong.

    I then noticed the more I occupied my mind with work and school, the less I noticed it.

    Ive been sore throat worry free for about 4 years now. Im not saying all of you have this problem. It’s what happened with me and im suggesting it to you too.

    I definitely think alot of you may have something else than a new emerging virus.


  35. Oh my “GOD”- this is what my whole family has – please help us! Help me Please! My littlest is only three. Can someone send this site to the CDC?

    The doctor’s say we have allergies! This is to shut me up because of our constant visits and none of the meds perscribed work.

    Please don’t leave me out – what is this?


  36. I cannot believe what I’ve been reading this chronic sore throat of mine began in Sept 07 whilst in China with my wife I also suffer nausea I do not have trouble swallowing I am now not as interested in food I get like a sunburnt head feeling which is probably pins n needles or flushing my GP looks at me silly I’m sure & reckons its reflux & has put me on nexium, I have also been on amoxycillin I’ve had a number of HIV & Hepatitis tests all negative-I live in Western Australia & am crying out for an end to this problem

  37. I’ve had tonsillitis during all of my childhood, and a chronic sore throat since early 2001. I had mono, and a bunch of colds and noticed bumps at the back of my throat that never went away. When I started eating an all organic raw/living food diet these bumps completely stopped bothering me, but didn’t fully go away. A year after following the raw food diet ‘incorrectly’ eating too many natural sugars, fruits, nuts, and not enough greens and sprouts. I fell back to regular vegan cooked food. During my year on the ‘normal vegan diet’ These bumps got wild and symptoms of chronic sore throat returned with a vengeance. The bumps also began to spread to the roof of my mouth. I also noticed that although I am in my early twenties I am constantly tired and sleepy.

    If there is a cure for all of these weird auto immune diseases, viruses, bacteria and whatever the heck this is – it is to be found WITHIN OUR BODIES!

    Only the immune system can truly heal us from the inside out.

    I am now back on a 100% organic and living food diet. This time I follow the Hippocrates Health Institute Plan, with wheatgrass juicing, vegetable juicing, eating lots of greens sprouts, no cooked foods, no meat no dairy, and NO SUGAR! Not even fruit! Sugar feeds the ‘bad guys’ while a diet high in foods that contain antioxidants, ENZYMES, vitamins, minerals, immune boosters, and oxygen boosts the immune system, and allows our body to destroy the offenders.

    According to Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute it takes 7 years to fully renew our organs and tissues!

    Thus it takes 7 years to fully heal and rejuvenate our system. But we can halt the symptoms within months, and sometimes even weeks.

    I have just started this “Living Food Diet” the ‘correct’ way this time. I immediately felt an increase in energy, I also noticed that with all these wheatgrass and green juicing therapies I’ve felt my body fight more actively. I’ve actually been feeling like I have a mild fever, without actually having one. (Which is a good sign because it shows that the immune system is trying to fight something off) .

    I believe that by supporting our immune system with the right nutrition we can reverse any symptoms and restore perfect health! Check out the Hippocrates Health Institute and the raw/living food diet in general. It is a commitment to health, and it has worked miracles even for terminal cancer patients!

    I am just starting my vigorous battle with these mysterious bumps, I will be sure to leave a note with how it goes.

    All I know is that if the Raw/Living food lifestyle has reversed terminal cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and a whole bunch of other disorders and imbalances – it will have a POSITIVE effect regardless. Try this diet and you will see improvements.

  38. I received response from doctor that the above symptoms are very similar to symptoms of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.

  39. I seem to have all the symptoms. Mine started with hoarse voice and feeling of fullness in the throat, swollen glands, I had stomach rumblings and lots of gas, my eyes are dry and tired. I used to be extremely energetic person, now I am totally worn out all the time. Had battery of all kinds of tests and nobody seems to know what it is, basically I am always told it’s in my head. I am also depressed and anxious and I have lost joy from simple pleasures of life. My joints are aching and I just had slipped disc in my back. Through all this the raw feelinf in the throat persists and pressure in the neck. I also became unsociable. It is hard to live this way, because that’s totally not who I was before. What can be done to get rid of this virus? I had been on antibiotics, yet nothing helps.

    I am going to see naturopathic doctor, supposedly best in North America, he does iridiology, so I will keep you posted what he will come up with!

  40. I had a ‘sore’ throat and swollen glands, and at the time of infection, apart from being in bed for a week, I had very sensitive teeth (not gums), my hair follicles hurt (as in touching my head and slightly pulling my hair), very sharp earache, and a runny nose (but not thick mucus). I had pain along my cheek down the sides of my nose and a blotchy effect on the skin on my face (previously I had very clear skin) to the extent that I went to see a skin specialist because I thought I might be developing a skin condition. And of course I had fatigue! 18 months later and I still have a sore throat with a bobbly texture on the roof of my mouth (which comes and goes), intermittant earache and the very irritating skin condition that makes me look like I am always reacting to face cream or something. So far I haven’t noticed any symptoms that fall outside of the region around my head/face, other than tiredness. I have recently been to E Africa for three months, and the condition was definitely aggravated there. I had loads of tests when I came back, but nothing so far has shown up. I think my strategy for coping will be a quiet lifestyle (I never wanted to go clubbing anyway!) and lots of good food, R&R and PMA. I like the idea of a living food diet, I might try it. It is hard to deal with sometimes, but I am fortunate in that I am currently still functioning mostly normally, just pretty tired. I hope to contain this virus by being sensible, staying positive and not overdoing it.

  41. My boyfriend has some of the same symptoms; rumbling stomache, farting more, a white tounge…But not really any of the psycological problems such as the lack of motivation. His libido has defienetly not decreased. Do you guys think that he has the same virus or something else since he does not have all of the symptoms?

  42. Has anyone tried a salt inhalation? I have been trying this (as in salt in boilng water, covering your head with a towel over the water and breathing it all in). I also gargled with salt water, and it’s made quite a difference to both my throat and sinuses. An ENT specialist told me to try this for two weeks, twice a day. I connected this to how I felt when I spent three days at the beach swimming in salt sea water (and probably swallowing loads of it). I felt amazing. I don’t know if the difference will continue, but I will see what happens after two weeks and I stop.

  43. I have had something similar but it started after a trip to Japan. First I had intestinal issues then it seemed to creep up slowly to the throat as a slightly irritating sore throat every once in awhile. The pain got worse and worse and now is so bad I cannot even sleep through the night. I have been through about nine doctors and it just seems there is no hope. I have another appt. here soon with another. I think I will got to an herbologist after this. I was wondering if any of you others have been overseas when it started? Good luck to us all.

  44. I have been to Europe last year, but mine started month ago or so. I am extremely tired. Yesterday I went to leading herbalogist in North America and he did iridiology He told me that I did not have the virus in my body, he said he could tell by listening to my pulse, but I had extreme toxicity in my body, my glands are swollen, because they are fighting the toxicity. He gave me Rodiola, this is what it does:

    Helps the body adapt to stress.

    Strengthens immune, nervous and glandular systems.

    Increases resistance to fatigue.

    Appears to improve cognition and memory function.

    Also some Royall jelly ginseng in liquid.

    We will see what is going to happen, I will keep you posted.

  45. Thanks Wendy that is good to hear. I think I will try the same. Mine started a little while after I got back from Japan.

    I was reading another thread and several people had the same problem after traveling to different countries. I hear ya on the tired issue. I was sleeping 12 to 15 hours a night. I used to be a pesonal trainer and I have been working out for 5 years without even missing a week. It has now been a month since my last work out and I just do not have any energy to do anything. I quit my job as a personal trainer and it has also been effecting my other job. I hope this works. Thanks again Wendy.

  46. Shouldnt the WBC/Lymphocytes count in the CBC blood test go up , with any viral infection?

    If these values are ok , is it still possible to have a viral infection.

    I have been having sore throat for around 4 months now.. i am just trying to find out whats happening??

  47. Not sure about the WBC in the CBC with the viral infection but I do know mine now has that bloody taste to it. I think I will try another doctor and give them some more of my money.

  48. It is weird I have contracted the same issues as the symtoms as what is listed I am suprised that it doesnt have a name yet or they now what it is.

  49. Here’s my story.

    *Was a pretty healthy male in my 30’s before all this started.

    *This is coming from someone who didn’t ever go to Doctors for colds or sore throats before.

    Started dating a girl from Eastern Europe who had only been in USA for 2 years, back in July. Don’t know if this is relevant, but thought I would throw it out there based on prior posts.

    Few days after first date, I got minor sore throat.

    It wasn’t bad, but didn’t go away for 3 weeks.

    Okay, so I go to the Doctor and test positive for Strep. Take antibiotics and feel better. After the antiobiotics I go to the Doctor again and culture reveals Strep.

    Same thing gets better then comes back.

    Okay so after a few rounds of Strep it’s still around.

    I go back and get tested for Mono, it’s negative, then 2nd test for Mono is positive in November.

    Also, have a positive yeast growth (not bad couldn’t see it) in my throat.

    So I have mono for a few months (that was fun) and here we are in April and my throat pain still comes and goes.

    Had 3 cultures or so that were fine, no strep or anything. Five days or so I feel kind of okay, then five days it’s bad, then repeat.

    My latest culture showed another candidas growth (the second one).

    Anyway they are talking about taking my tonsils out, they have mentioned allergies.

    But I KNOW it’s something more.

    All my other major tests have come back fine.

    Forgot to say I’m also very tired often, getting more frequent & worse headaches than normal. The fatigue sweeps over me and I have to sleep. It was very bad during acute phase of mono back in NOV & DEC.

    I shouldn’t be having mono like symptons 5 months later, and I had recurring strep & sore throat issues months before the mono, so they are two separate things.

    Other symptons:

    *I also get those white bumps in the back of my throat that stink… I also get very dry, scratchy back of the throat with a little lump that never goes away. Thickish mucous from the nasal area that drains down my throat nightly.

    The back of my throat is so raw & sore from 10 months of this crap not sure I’ll ever recover…

    I drink tea & gargle with saltwater daily, and rest all the time…

    *I definitely noticed some parallels between me , and others in this thread so I thought I would share my ongoing nightmare.

    I have an ENT appt. in about a week.

    This 10 month nightmare has to stop…

  50. To;Wendy, April 4 ’08 Any answers for a cure? It;s interesting , at first I thought it was a mild form of C. pneumonia or mycoplasm, now I agree with most of the other posts I think it’s a virus, maybe a debilitating man made one, who knows.

  51. I have had all the symptoms above and thought I was going out of my mind……2 sinus surgeries and 6 hospital stays in one year. It really does feel like a virus that never quite goes away, reappears and may worsen and also bring on secondary infections. The drugs seem only to work in the acute periods and then your left with the next chapter of symptoms. Tends to move around but mainly affect 2-3 organs. Scary. Glad to find you all here.

  52. About 2 and a half years ago I got sick from many different things. I had some strand of Mono that lasts six/seven months – no treatment available, and had strep twice. Around this time bumps in my throat started multiplying. They were tiny at first and have just spread and multipled. I have chronic fatigue, extreme anxiety, major weight loss, the skin wrinkling and blotches. My attitude and demenor have been sevelerely affected and I have extreme on and off depression. Its so strange because I have more extreme colds and even got the flu – I never even had the chicken pox when I slept in a bed with my sister who did. My stomach makes really loud noises at all times of day, but much worse at night when I lay down. There are other symptoms I also have which are mentioned such as thick mucus- that is not normal for over 2 years. I have been asking doctors for a long time now when ever I have been sick or had to go to the hospital what these odd sympotoms mean and even referals to counselors. It is refreshing yet terrifying to see something pull it all together with no resolution attached.

    • Hi…. I have the same skin wrinkinling problem.. I am 27and feel like 47 with the wrinkling increasing drastically week by week. Please let me know , if u know more about this. I am tired of this sorethroat , burning/ tingling sensation and premature aging .

  53. To Steve: The naturopath told me that my system was toxic, so he gave me Rhodiola, which cleans glandular system, also Royal Jelly with ginseng (liquid), stomach tonic, because my stomach seems to have problems too and some enzymes. I am to see him on Monday. Listening to my pulse, he told me that is 70 different sounds of pulse and that I did not have any viruses. So I will keep you posted. I do have little bit more energy, but I am still depressed, which is not very usual for me, I have to ask him about that too.

  54. Hi Wendy, thank’s for the info. I was just thinking, Borna Disease Virus (BDV) might account for some of the symptoms and some other agent for the rest.

  55. To Saryn, My whole family started having these symptoms within the past three years. The biggest shock for me has been to see my children having aged looking skin, I never mention this to them of course.We have fatigue, hair loss and my skin especially looks at least 30 years older with the fine wrinkles and improper healing.It all did start after they got what I assumed was the chicken pox. My doctor and 2 dermatologists would not believe that my wrinkling skin started suddenly, it is very distressing. We don’t smoke, drink and we eat healthy and exercise. I lost my energy and cannot do the same things that I could 3 years ago. I have done cleanses, taken anti-depressants for this brain fog and listened to strangers tell me that there is nothing wrong. My children and myself have joint pain and are now easily fatigued. If I bring this page to my current doctor I suspect he would roll his eyes… Again, we are busy , have a family life, not looking for a way to get attention, just trying to find out what it is and how to get rid of it.

    The elastin thing is most prevalent in my case, thanks for this.

    • Hi … Even I am experiencing the wrinkling of the skin.could you explain more… As my doctors neglect any of those as I am still 27. But I really know what’s happening on my body

  56. I have had a chornic sore throat for 18 months. I have had 8 scopes and ct scan. I have been to a speech pathologist and still no definite answers. All I know for sure is that my throat hurts all the time.

  57. most of what I have read sounds like candida to me.

    cronic stress, bad diet, antbiobiotics, just is the perfect

    setting for candida.\,

  58. I’m very happy to find this site. I am a heathy, 24 year old female and I have been struggling with this for 5 years. I believe it began after I got a severe case of tonsillitis. In the next 3 years following, I had mucus in my stool, canker sores on my tongue, rash on my hips, constant yeast infections which I was convinced were some type of STD. I was tired and unmotivated–all this right after starting college, it sucked. I want you all to know that it gets better, it just takes time. Everyone carries many viruses, let it run its course, keep a positive attitude, and eventually the effects will diminish greatly. What I have is contagious, even today, which is the hardest part. Whereas before the rash and EVERYTHING was contagious, now its just throat irritation but still devestating to me. I think it is related to the Epstein-Barr Virus, and tends to flair up more-so when I worry about it. I still have yeast issues, and am trying to avoid certain foods, and clear out my system. I will keep you posted on the progress.

  59. hi there , my bf has been having something similar going on with him as well, what ever it is we both have it now, constant sore throat the docs have ruled out the obvious things, im feeling not so great so ill be short but i recently came across similar symptoms under ppl suffering from candida over growth. plz research this, some stuff seem very simliar, im going to have our doc test us… tired of feeling this way and all test results are normal:(

  60. Hi, I live in UK and have been unwell for 8 years. From reading all the above and from my own experience, it would seem that most sufferers had the flu or something similar which never seemed to go away. I had never had the flu before and any colds I got went away very quickly. At the particular time I caught the flu I was in a really bad place emotionally, with my husband seeing another woman & us trying to sort out the best solution for our children. I definitely believe that this helped the ‘virus’ take hold. Like so many other posters, I was always strong, organised and very able before becoming unwell. I was tested for everything and, after 2 years, was told it must be ME and that nothing could be done. The one constant is the sore throat. I have developed allergic rhinitis, initially seasonal but now all year round. The joint pain has come and gone but recently seems to have settled on my right shoulder, elbow, hip and knee. The hip feels as though it has come out of its socket sometimes but I have had it checked and am told the joint is fine, so it must be the connective tissue. I wear spec’s and have my eyes tested regularly but nothing shows up that explains my bouts of ‘fuzzy’ sight. The brain fog comes & goes – sometimes I can’t get 3 words out and other times I’m fine. A recent test by my GP revealed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which is an auto-immune disease. It comes from the thyroid being attacked by one’s own immune system. I believe this is a result of so many years of my immune system being weakened. I am worried that other parts of my body will also be ‘attacked’ by my immune system as time goes on so I would love to hear from anyone who has found anything which alleviates any of the symptoms. One effect of this illness is that I am only able to do very little work, so do not have a lot of money to spend on speculative treatments.

  61. Thank you for directing me towards the Marshall Protocol Web site. It is much appreciated. I apologize for being so inquisitive before. In addition, I suggest one checks out the Wikipedia discussion page on Morgellon’s. It is much maligned.

    In addition, cognitive function drastically improved with famciclovir, however; I’ve had little progress with physical strength.

    Best of luck.

  62. For my story read April 13th… “Frustrated”

    I said I’d report back after trip to ENT, and here it is:

    Not much to say, he basically said wait 4-6 months, and if my symptons didn’t get better then we’d look into having my tonsils out. He said he thinks all my symptons are mono related, but that was last NOV. I was diagnosed with mono.

    He also said mono can morph into or become CFS, and you can have that 4ever, yes 4ever he said. Although he said that’s very unusual.

    I’m definitely interested in reading more about connections with the candida yeast thing like a few other posters have touched on.

    I’ve had two yeast things in the mouth, and constantly have dry, scratchy, itchy, thick mucousy things happening in the back of my throat.

  63. This article matches every symptom I have excluding pins and needles in the legs. Weak shaky legs, yes, which I’ve noticed recently and it made me wonder why. I am 39-years-old and have been dealing with a chronic sore throat for 5 months. I’ve seen 2 ENT’s, 1 Gastroenterologist and my general practioner. None of them knows what is wrong but guess that it’s acid reflux and allergies. I disagree. I’ve tried every drug possible to rid myself of the red sore inflammed throat which I wake up with and live with all day, worse by the end of day to where I almost cannot talk due to the pain. Not that I read the article, I did start having gastointestinal pains and bloating and was ‘diagnosed’ with IBS. Then, the above-mentioned came afterwards. I have the mood problems as well with unusual anger bursts and depression. I’m not myself. None of the mentinoed doctors are helpiong to rid me of this problem. It’s a scary and hopeless feeling. To boot, I am a singer and haven’t been able to do so for 4 months.

    Is there a remedy for this condition? What can be done?


  64. Getting overwhelmed just reading all of this! I will briefly describe my situation and hope to hear from ‘someone out there’ who understands:

    I had a very serious “bowel episode” near the end of January. Starting at 3AM, I could not get off the toilet for about 5 hours. So unfortunate that I had to travel to a conference I was hosting that exact same morning. Long story short – I made it and eventually the bowel activity settled down.

    2 weeks later I developed what I thought was strep throat. White blisters in my throat, fever, etc. Additionally, I stupidly BIT the cuticle of my index finger and a nasty infection started in there that has eventually led to the loss of the nail (still dealing with this in late April). Additionally, I had a urinary tract infection.

    Was put on a course of antibiotics for strep throat and the UTI, the first week of Feb 2008. To date, have been on 4 different courses of antibiotics (a 3-month period). I am allergic to Penicillan (reaction occured when I had mono at age 16); so have taken everything else. I still have white blisters in my throat and it is still sore.

    My muscles are beyond relief. Ibuprofen does little or nothing. I wake up in the night to go to the bathroom and almost cannot walk across the room to get there. Ankle joints do not want to move, hips feel locked in place. Everything in my body hurts. All day, everyday.

    I feel fortunate if I sleep until 3AM. It is usually 2AM I wake up and cannot go back to sleep until my alarm is ready to go off at 4:45AM. Somehow I make it to work and back everyday, but most days, I wonder how. I have a terrible time just standing up from my chair at work… and then making my legs work, to walk across the room.

    I try to exercise. I really do. But I feel so damned little desire to do much to help myself anymore. This is horrible and SO not me!

    I have gained 10# in one month. I cannot tell you why. It is almost all belly fat. I was 30# overweight prior to that and never able to lose one single pound, even though I went to the gym 4 out of 7 days for an entire year prior. (You need to understand I was always SKINNY, with a 5’7″ frame. I now weigh 183#. I never weighed that much during any of my 3 pregnancies!)

    I am depressed. I try very hard for the sake of my family to hold my head above water. I do not know how long I can continue. Everything hurts and I just want to sleep.

    My doctor is done with me. Said she would send me a referral to an ENT (because the throat does not heal), but I have not yet received the referral in the mail. Now I will have to try to force myself to call the doc’s office tomorrow to get some help.

    I am out of energy. I am out of resources. I really do need some help. Some advice. Something. Had you known me a few years ago, you would have been impressed with my upbeat attitude, my energy, my zeal for life! Not now.

    My email address is Please help me.


  65. Well, I’m glad I found this site! After reading a bunch of your responses this virus seems to be a really big deal!

    About 3 weeks ago i had a nasty flue, and yet till this day after taking cold and flue medicine I wake up every morning wanting to die, because of the pain i have in my throat, hard time swallowing and constant diariah. I am 26 years old, male. my symptoms are getting worse, I don’t have any more energy, struggle every day, this thing is killing me!

    We need to report this to someone or something needs to be done!

  66. hi, I just want to share that about 2 months ago I had a col/flu/bronchitis. After it went away I developed fatigue,headache & sore throat. It hjas been a sloid month now that I have had this sore throat. I went to the er,urgent care & a new dr. and noone has been able to explain why? I never get headaches OR sore throats,I don;t have allergies,never have. So why does this sore throat persist? My glands feel tender my throat is raw & beet red. I have had numbness & tingling in my hands & feet,mostly on one side and Ironically I can relate to those little pin pricks someone described above! If I had not experienced them I would never had been able to relate.It almost felt like someone was stabbing me just below the surface with sharp pins. I experienced theses sensations all over especially my feet. I also have two rashes which I never get either.One looks like dermatitis on my inner thigh which I’ve treated with antfungal & now cortizone cream,neither is getting rid of it. I feel totally tired & my headache is persistient now for 6 weeks. I have had EBV,Lyme disease & CMV. Never have I felt quite like this. Perhaps it is a new virus emerging. I developed this while living in new city the last few months where I traveled much on trains & subways. Maybe its an airborne virus. Anyway I hope we can figure this out soon.

  67. You are creating this “disease” in your minds and it is manifesting itself in to reality. This is something that you have created. All of these ailments that you experience are a result of your negative thoughts. It began with one symptom, then you kept on thinking that something is terribly wrong, which led to another, and another. The more you read and do research and try to a self-diagnosis, the more you are making yourself sick! The process repeats itself. Look it up. It’s called the laws of attraction (the Secret). What you think is what becomes reality because the mind is simply that powerful. You reap what you sow. You are all just hypochondriacs. This is what the capitalists and pharmaceutical drug companies of this country want us to believe. They still want there money when it comes down to it. Think more positively and feel better. Stop believing or even thinking that you maybe sick, and expect surprising results. The good news is…nothing is wrong with you! God bless you all! Love is also the key to everything good. Love, peace and blessings.

  68. To Monica:

    “You are all just hypochondriacs”

    I suppose all my positive cultures saying I had strep throat didn’t happen (mixed in with some negative ones so I’m not a carrier).

    I suppose my mono test that came out positive was a figment of my imagination. After first testing negative.

    I suppose recurring candidas/yeast growths in the mouth were the cause of hypochondria.

    But thanks for saying nothing wrong with me!!

    I guess you know more than my last throat culture that came back positive again for something!

    I’ll just think positive now and everything will be peachie.

    -Thanks for the wonderful advice!

  69. My illness came on very suddenly 3 years ago and I believe it was transmitted sexually (the result of a short lived affair). The first sign was a high fever followed by night sweats and a strange “tingling” feeling on the roof of my mouth. Shortly after that, I began to experience a variety of other symptoms including extreme fatigue, muscle pain, and swollen lymph nodes. 3 weeks to a month later the symptoms persisted and the tingling feeling developed into a dry, sore throat which I could literally feel spreading to the back of my throat and then the dryness started spreading through my nasal passages, drying them out. A month later I developed angular cheilitis (red flakey skin at the corners of my mouth) which persisted for 2 to 3 months. The sore throat and extremely dry nose became chronic and I also began to experience inner ear pain and a swelling of the lymph nodes behind my ears and in my throat. On several occasions during this period I had “episodes” which consisted of the sudden onset of chills followed by a high fever and diarrhea which would last for a several days. 3 years later the fatigue has considerably decreased and most of the symptoms have run their course, however, I still deal with a sore throat and extremely dry nose on a daily basis regardless of the season, ear pain is also sporadic and accompanied by a decrease in my ability to hear.

    During this time, I made several trips to the hospital but no definitive findings were discovered through blood tests. Abnormalities included a low platelet count, IGg deviation, elevated white blood cell count (mild), and slightly high liver values (T-bil). The ENT gave me a cream for the angular cheilitis which eventually worked although it took time, I also received ear drops and a very mind steroid spray for my nose but these were ineffective. A later round of antibiotics also proved ineffective. I kept a rather detailed account of all of the symptoms I experienced and have given a one page summary (along with a time-line) to my all of the doctors I have seen over the years… they don’t seem very interested in this… they also have not found any condition that can by definitively diagnosed by standard testing so they have not been particularly cooperative. I have fallen into a pattern of going to the hospital, being told there is nothing clearly wrong with me according to the tests, giving up and resigning myself to live with the symptoms and then reaching a breaking point months later which sends me back to the hospital to go through the same thing again.

    Although I have not suffered debilitating mood swings, my disposition has changed considerably and I also find myself staying at home much more than I used to. This has also affected my professional life. I work as a lecturer and the sore throat makes it difficult to get through a 4-5 hour block of classes. It has also affected my social life because I find myself “conserving” my voice, as not to trigger more severe symptoms. So although it is safe to say that I have experienced depression it is not at all clear that it is produced “organically” or as a reaction to a decrease in QOL.

    Finally, and most significantly, I’ve seen this passed on from person to person. My wife has experienced many of the same symptoms that I have over the years and this began for both of us with a high fever and a case of night sweats. Like me, most of the symptoms have subsided but the dry/ stuffy nose has remained and signs of fatigue are still evident. In addition, both of us continue to have a host of “oral” problems including tooth decay, cavities, swollen gums, and receding gum-lines. Many people around me have also complained about, or continue to complain about similar symptoms as well, making me suspicious that they may have “contracted” the same disease.

    I’m not completely convinced that it is a virus, although this is a distinct possibility. Like others, I’ve done considerable research but have not found anything clearly fitting all of my symptoms and that can be easily tested for. Possibilities include: mycoplasma, candida, T-lymphotrophic virus, enterovirus, Epstein-bar, or some other form of systemic fungus or bacterial infection.

    Here are a few links which describe similar symptoms:

    REPLY: Thank you very much for your comment. There are a number of suggestions I would like to make, and some questions I would like to ask, if I may. If possible, please submit another comment and put your email address in the appropriate field (it will not show up on this blog, and will remain completely private). A bit of team work may help get some answers. I closely looked at the HTLV virus as a possible candidate myself, but ruled it out for several reasons, which I can explain (though I am not a health professional). Your observation that ” …people around me have complained about similar symptoms as well, which makes me suspicious they may have contracted the same disease… ” is interesting, and you are probably correct; I have noticed such similar complaints in my social connections too, often with identical symptoms. – Hip

  70. If anyone else has done research into this topic and has links they would like to share it would be greatly appreciated.

  71. (Follow-up to earlier post of April 27, 2008)

    NOTE: I did not take the referral and see an ENT. Instead, after much research, got an appointment at a new doc’s office. Met with a nurse practitioner there who REALLY listened! That in itself was a sweet relief!

    Just to report: Epstein Barr Virus test was positive at 4.27 (anything over 1.0 is positive for reactivation). She was very sure about the EBV (on examination, prior to bloodwork) due to the raw throat, fatigue, etc. BUT, she also said some of what I am going through is due to (gasp!) menopause. At any rate, she is a great believer in Chinese Herbs and got me started on Dong Quai. If anything positive comes out of all this, it is going to be a ways down the road and there is nothing I can to do accelerate the process except ‘eat healthy and sleep/rest as much as possible’.

    I have no conclusions at this point, purpose of this post is just to provide update.

    Thanks and be well,


  72. Great Research Steven;

    Thanks for posting it’s appreciated…

    Read my story on April 13th for background on my case if you like.

    My 10 month chronic sore throat & myriad of other symptons began days after a new sexual encounter.

    I too thought I contracted an STD, but all STD tests taken a few months later were negative.

    I had the red spots and blotchy flaky skin around the corners of my mouth as well that persisted for about two months.

    Fortunatly that’s gone.

    I also have some small red blistery spots near my eyes, usually one on each side, that look like acne but are most definitlely not. Been getting those for three months, still do. Never had that before in my life. (Doctor said they were allergies?)

    Fortunately, I don’t believe I’ve passed this on to anyone.

    Although, I live & work alone so my contact with others is severely limited. I try not to get too close to friends & family & breath in their face in case my condition is contagious.

    Also, aside from the normal depression that anyone would have with 10 months of being sick, fortunately I’ve suffered no noticeable depression or deteriorating mental conditions.

    I do feel some minor bouts of dizziness, not sure if that’s related though.

    I’m nearly certain mine is related to EBV as I tested + for mono last Nov., after first testing negative in Oct.

    Either that or the systemic candidiasis/fungus or bacterial infection you referenced as I just read your (posted by Steven) links.

    As I have tested + twice now for candidas in the mouth, amongst the 8 or so throat cultures I’ve had.

    Other symptons include a persistent thin layering of very sticky/thick mucous lining the roof of the mouth, and back of the tongue, and nasal passages, and every morning for a few minutes I produce yellowish/brown substances from my nasal passages. (never had these issues in my life)

    My dentist noted that I had lots of saliva/bacteria in my mouth and urged me to use some type of antibacterial mouthwash.

    Of course I still have the sore throat 10 months later, fatigue but not as bad as before. Frequent headaches, high blood pressure, and in recent months a recurring skin rash on my left shin.

    Here’s a sympton I haven’t read here:

    It’s strange but on the top of my head I get this extrememe sensation that suddently overcomes me and feels like it’s coming from deep within, it burns, and tingles, and I must scractch it immeditaely. (no it’s not just itchy scalp )

    Again, this sensation never happened before last year.

    I have no idea what that is about, just thought I’d throw it out there.

    All this again is coming from a previous healthy male in his 30’s who was participating in highly competitive sports (physical) leagues.

    I went from exercising almost daily to not once in 10 months. Fortunately my weight has been stable through all this as I’ve toned done my caloric intake to compenstate for lack of exercise.

    To date I’ve done little research as I didn’t want to let my mind wander while roaming the net, but I will research systemic fungus & chronic EBV and see what I can find.

    Hopefully all these symptons will run their course in a year or two, and this nightmare will be over.

  73. The cracked dryness at the corners of the mouth was also a symptom that an ex had. Another is that my back will break out along my spine. My skin is very clear, usually. I’ve seen doctors who have said it may be a weird presentation of a virus. I think EBV, since it is all strains of the herpes virus are stored in your spine, and it is a form of herpes. Anyone else experience this symptom? Also, are you all anxious people? I am, and I’m thinking this may keep my immune system on edge and unable to kick the virus. My symptoms are far worse when I’m sleep deprived, sick, anxious, or depressed.

  74. Lindsay – To answer your question I guess I would have to admit that yes, I generally experience anxiety to one level or another – moreso than it seems most people do.

    I spoke with my nurse practitioner again today. The HSV-1 came back positive (no news to me – I’ve known about that for about 30 years). HSV-2 was negative. Duh. Anyway, the way she talks about the EBV and the HSV-1, I guess it IS all related, I just can’t get a good grasp on it all. She recommends that I avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary (I thought that was the rule anyway, eh?). Said that my EBV level shows I am “past acute and into convalescent” so I am recovering. I have to agree with that – my throat is still inflammed, but not anything like it was a few weeks back. I did notice one interesting thing: I took 2 Benedryl last night to knock myself out. Worked great as I slept through the whole night. Here is the interesting thing – Got up this morning and walked across the floor with very little stiffness/soreness. Incredible. Doc says sleep is important for recovery and I’m thinking she might be right.

    I did not want to steer this string off-course though. Just because my test results seem to point to EBV, I realize that what many people on this board are going through, is something that has not been named. I want to continue to read and learn. I do not presume to know anything at this point :)

    Best regards to all,


  75. HI…This article describes my son almost 19 to the “T”….. he has had sore throats his whole life…I found this in my search because his throat is covered and I mean clustered with blisters and he doesn’t even feel them…. I do know that he has battled yeast severly and It’s a suggestion that maybe it wasn’t the virus…but maybe that the continual use of antibiotics that possibly have an overload of yeast in your body as does my son…bu then that wouldn’t explain the continued sore throats??….If you have any advise for my son…let me know…Thanks…Nancy T.

  76. Hi,

    This is a real apt description of my chronic sore throat that has plagued me for ages!

    I’m beginning to get worried.

    What comes after the later stage symptoms..? And what are the cures for it? Please drop me an email if you have a reply to these questions, thanks!

    You’re right in its diagnosis – Its not only a physical illness, but also an emotional and mental one, and also affects your quality of life.

  77. Hi from Finland

    Last May i had bad throat infection which i felt was first worse in other side and then spreat steadily. I had weird “blisters”, swallen, painfull and soar throat. There wasn’t anything in the cultivation so doctor said it was viral.

    I didn’t rest physically enough so the infection went somehow to my ear (same side that where the throuat infection started). My ear leaked and ear canal swol so bad i had to go many time to rince it in the main hospital. Same time i suffered diarreare symptoms.

    For 2 months the throat was little red all the time as the infection started worsen again, now from other side of my throat, and same leaking happened with the ear just like before.

    My throat did not heal totally and now year after, the bubbles are back! Week before the throat symptoms i was wondering why i felt fatigue and like my legs would not have power at all. Also i felt cold shivers.

  78. I am blown away by the way you described word for word basically what I have been through this past year. It all began last February. I had some testing done on my thyroid due to some issues in the past (cyst). All checked out okay. Then, next thing you know, I was so ill. I began getting chilled, chronic stomache problems, soar throat, ear infections, dizziness. I saw doc after doc. I was beginging to feel like the one doc I saw was right, that I was going crazy!

    I had odd parethesis, weakness, diagnosed with CFS… did not accept that. I knew I had something far worse. Test after test came up negative.

    I was left with symptoms still, over a year and thre mo. later… have severe wrinkling of the skin, have chronic ear infections, often dizziness, weakness- in the legs. Suseptible to illness all the time. In fact, not only I but, my three kids, as well. Hubby had a few symptoms but not as severe. My mother had this first, I believe but it was put off on thinking it was due to her recent operation at that time. Our symptoms, so similar, as what yo have described. Even the mental aspects… the depression, even my son (11) had this type of ditrubance in thinking patterns and the like.

    I am gravely concerned that a diagnosis is found. I hope that this will not continue to inhibit our quality of life yet, it seems it’s still present. Just when I hope it isn’t I get weak and anxious and tired, even have had heart related issues, palpitations, if you will. No doc could see any signs there of any issues with me or my son. Not all of us effected in the same way- my 11 year old and I most severe, my 13 year old and 6 year old, not as severe but equally concerning. I had signs of EPV in my system but they said it was in the past. I had cocksackie myself at age 19, when my son did. ODD. So much of what you have described is precisely what I’ve dealt with.

    If any further info is dicovered regarding this please do not hesitate to notify me.


    and good luck to all of those out there suffering. Let’s pray the medical community does recognize and remedy this!

  79. I’m crying uncontrollably right now. I have almost ALL of these symptoms, even the less-encountered ones you mentioned. I started feeling this way on November 16, 2007 (though I also had a series of unexplained colds in the earlier part of the year). My doctor can’t find any explanation and says I’m experiencing GAD and need to take an SSRI. I get winded when I climb stairs (I’ve been a healthy jogger for years), I have a white tongue coating (neg. for candidiasis). He found I had Hepatitis A in Jan but that’s probably coincidental. I had a pulmonary test and it came back as slightly abnormal, not enough, according to my doc, for a bronchodilator. He wants me to get an HIV test but I’m dreading it, and the inevitable wait and the call into the office. I’m a hetero white male and have had only 1 risk exposure since my last HIV test, a 1-time unprotected with my very trustworthy, healthy girlfriend. So I really doubt it’s HIV. My white cell count in Feb was 3.3 and the doc was visibly scared…which didn’t help me. Though, he seems to have forgotten that Hep would easily cause such a low reading. Going for another test tomorrow to see if it’s back to normal. Let’s see…I even think I have this fine parchment wrinkle thing. I’ve had 3 major bouts of dry cough since Nov, none of which responded to antibiotics. I have major post nasal drip (though I’ve had it all my life, admittedly) and my throat isn’t sore, but has that icky allergy-like feeling. Ah…the gastro symptoms. I thought this was all from the Hep, but who knows. From Feb-Apr I had massive intestinal gas (flatulence) that never stopped. My liver area still feels inflamed but all tests were negative. Anxiety is also something I’ve had most of my life, but it’s worse now. Doc even did the thyroid test and came back with nothing. God help me!!!!!!!!!! Is this really possibly a new viral epidemic?

  80. Hi Alex,

    Welcome to the board and thanks for posting.

    I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms, I know from experience that it’s not fun and that it can be a bit scary. When my symptoms first appeared, I convinced myself that what I was experiencing was AIDS and it took a few weeks to get the courage up to go and get tested. I was incredibly relieved when the results came back negative, but at the same time, I was still emotionally unbalanced and confused because after months of being literally crippled by this disease no clear name could be put to what I had and all of the tests came back negative or inconclusive. In a perverse way I think part of me would have been relieved if the doctors had found some terrible, life threatening disease, at least then I would have known what I was up against. As I wrote in my previous post however, 3 years later I’m still here and most of my symptoms have run their course and the ones that remain are bearable. Today I woke up and went for a 8k run and it felt great. It’s been a long recovery and very incremental but I know the worst is over. Long story short – don’t panic – you will get better, it just requires lots of time, a number of healthy lifestyle changes, and maybe a bit of luck. Hang in there.

    Having said that, I know that I am still sick and I’m still trying to piece together what exactly this bug is. The white tongue seems to be a common denominator and white patches or a coating in the throat are also common complaints. At first I was convinced that this was Candida but my tests came back negative as it seems many people experiencing these symptoms have reported. I have not experienced the skin condition that others have complained of but I have had experienced a number of rashes and I’m very aware of some kind of sticky bio-film that that is extremely tenacious and I believe it to be the same thing that is clinging to the inside of my mouth causing the sore throat, dental problems, dry cough, and the extremely dry nasal passages as well.

    From all the reports I’ve read from people suffering similar symptoms, antibiotics and antifungals don’t appear to be effective (at least not in the long term) and could possibly exacerbate the symptoms. For me the only thing that seemed to have any effect whatsoever were anti-inflamatoy drugs, although I can’t say with confidence that the effects were lasting. As far as lifestyle changes are concerned, avoiding sugar and increasing minerals and salts seemed to help a bit. Getting enough sleep every night is crucial. Not stressing and trying to take a detached approach to researching this disease also helped me to keep my sanity and maintain an emotional balance. Having had Hep A you also need to be careful to avoid alcohol but that goes without saying. I and my wife both got it years ago when we were traveling in South East Asia and It took me about half a year to get over it. I imagine it still has a slight bearing on my health today. Exercise and hygiene are also extremely important in my view. Always wash your hands, brush/ floss/ mouthwash 3 times a day, get outside and go hiking or running if possible, don’t smoke and watch your weight, take supplements but don’t overdo it, drink warm tea, etc, etc, etc… These are some of the things I tried to do and I think that in the aggregate and over time they were effective.

    Chin up and all the best with your recovery.


  81. To Alex: Hang in there , My and , wifes, symptoms are very simmilar to Stevens above. It started on 9/22/07 with a low grade fever/flu type symptioms. On 10/22/07 started to feel better then wham, post nasil drip -BAD with hoarse, sore throat because of drainage but not sure. Infection IMO caused granuloma on right side of throat ,. The agent then migrated up near my carotid or ascending pharyngeal artery that resulted in a terrible headache on the right side of my head just in front of my rt. ear for 2 days in 02/08, there was also minor bleeding from my rt. sinus after the headache for about a week caused by the agent IMO. , then dry sinuses both sides, now post nasil drip has almost stopped but mild sore throat still flares up at 5PM or so or whenever there is stress, even mild stress, but I feel I am s l o w l y getting better , my wife is still worse than me and she had many weeks of antibiotics, her symptoms are a little different , she has chronic cough and no sore throat but post nasil drip. Also does anyone else have a bump that developed in the area of their occipital lymph node on the rt. side of their skull approx. 1.5″ behind their ear durring the infection? PS. I was very scared and worried a couple of months ago that this was never going away, I am 50+ and made it through (I think) hope there’s no complications down the road. I think my wife will be ok to. I think the CDC should check into this , there are most likely not enough of us that are sick yet to spend the money to invest the time. Best of luck everyone.

  82. I’d have to say this blog is very interesting. The initial symptoms presented are almost textbook symptoms to what I have been also experiencing. Within the last year I have experienced a rapid exacerbation of those symptoms. I tried “self help” (herbal, organic, body cleansing, detoxification, fasting, protein diets, etc.) I’d have to say all of those things made me “feel” better at the time, but as soon as I stopped them my symptoms returned. Honestly people you HAVE TO look at what you are putting into and on your body. LOOK at ALL of the preserviates, additives, dyes, chemical, etc. that are in the products we either eat or put on our bodies (shampoo, lotions, makeup, etc.) We drink, cook, eat on, live in a chemically induced world. Plastics are leaking into our water systems/bottled drinks and foods. We cook with “nonstick” and aluminum pots/pans that get on our food. GOD knows whats in the food we ingest in resturants!!! Look at all the meats we buy at grocery??? Were does it comes from, what kind of “virus” (in all meats!)are we eating? Taking antibiotics/antiviral may “temporairily” help our symptoms, but if you keep ingesting the same things over and over….eventually they will not work anymore. My suggesstions….you will become what you eat basically….look at the labels on food products, look where it comes from (don’t buy imported food), grow as much of it (and freeze it) as you can. Drink/eat out of glass/ceramics. Distill your drinking water (ever try it???, WOW what a difference….)Get plenty of sleep, take deep breaths, don’t smoke, don’t drink, excersize (that’s right, I said exersize) relax your not dead yet! Have a positive attitude ( think about things that make you smile). And if there is a nasty virus/bug out there….it’s not the first one we’ve ever come across and we will all be okay….

    Hang in there and take care of yourself….don’t just “take a pill” to feel better, take it upon yourself to feel better….

  83. i’ve developed a sore throat, but have only had it a couple of weeks, and stumbled on this site. sure hope that mine is not going to be a chronic problem, like a lot of you guys? but, a lot of the symptoms that some of you have, i’ve had for years anyway, and, for me, it was a result of taking an antibiotic from the fluoroquinolone family, (for a supposed UTI) which destroys the mDNA of bacteria, but, unfortunately destroys the mDNA of mammalian cells (ie destroys collagen), and the fluoro component binds to the receptors of thyroid, which means that you’re body runs low on that. check out this site, if you think it may have relevance —

    anyway, i wish all of you the best, and will keep hoping for returned health for all of us? genevieve.

  84. Hallo,

    My nightmare started almost two years ago. After sexual intercourse I started to have strange symptoms: body temp raised to 37,5 at least (it is two years now that my body temp is rarely below 37,3 degrees), I had unbelievable sweats during night and day – I was completely wet, I had to change my clothes few times a day, my pyjama few times a night. I got white cover on my tongue – candida albicans was diagnosed. I got sore throat – I couldn’t heal it by anything, no medicines no sprays worked and it lasted for almost half a year and is still persist to some extend. I got problems with my eyes – can see lot of annoying small objects rolling ahead of my eyes, could not stand day light. I got kind of dementia which caused me to forgot things like my car’s whereabouts, PINs to my bank cards etc. I am tired, exchusted and sleepy all the time even after 10 hours of sleep. My life became a nightmare.

    At the beginning I was sure it is HIV virus but the medical tests didn’t prove it. The last HIV antibody test I made after two years after that unlucky intercourse. It came out negative as several tests before.

    I was tested for all kind of common diseases for several time (like HIV, hepatitis a,b,c,d; EBV, CMV, Chlamydia, full STD’s panel, and many many others). I haven’t found anything.

    I don’t know where to go what to do, where could I seek any help.

    I wish you all many health.


  85. hi,

    I think I’m affected from this virus, because most of the symptoms, I’m just suffering it right now. And I’m just 16 year old.


    I need someone to answer my question, please???

    is there a time that you’re throat had a yellowish thing???

    it’s like a little beads stocked in throat…

  86. This is NOT a VIRUS.

    This is bacterial infection.

    I’m investigating this for 3 years already.

    A lot of people with this shit respond to antibiotic therapy(with some antibiotic groups only; beta-lactams, metronidazoles, early tetracyclines, antifungal grugs and some others -will not work!)

  87. Dear Author of this article!

    I think that the problem might be resolved. I am suffering from the same disease for more than 4 years. I know at least 40 people in Russia who have this disease and exactly the same symptoms. Several people found Acid fast bacteria in the samples, then they culture – and nothing grew. This makes me think that this is not THE MOOD VIRUS as you name it here, but some type of disease related to MYCOBACTERIA LEPRA. If you know, this is what causes leprosy/ hansen disease. It can develop for a long time up to 25-50 years. Nerve system is damaged, skin is damaged, strange spots, scars, rashes appear with time, skin is shiny, and the most interesting is – Chloramphenicol, erythromicin, fansidar, rimphapicin and other antibiotics that Leprosy is sensitive to – WORK. But obviously they needed to be taken for a long period of time. It’s not a secret anymore that Leprosy symptoms changed with the time and now even specialists sometimes cannot really say for sure by the symptoms if you really have Leprosy or you don’t

  88. Dashullya is right,

    but we don’t know for sure now.

    This could be pathogen that is not growing on the laboratory media(M.Lepra), or pathogen what requires some special laboratory media and conditions of incubation(for ex. lipophilic corynebacteria).

    In any way the causeative agent is an acid-fast bacteria.

    This we can say for sure. And it could founded only by acid-fast(Ziel-Nielsen) staining in good* and right* tissue samples.

  89. Dashullya/B.O.R.I.S.-

    Interesting blogs you wrote. Does anyone know where to go to get tested for “unusual diseases”? Here in Iowa the closest place I can think of would be Iowa City or Mayo Clinic in Rocester, IL.

    If this is “leprosy” or a distant form of it, why are MD’s not testing for this? Lots of people all over are presenting with the same or simular clinical symptoms. How about we start our own clinic,centralize it. I’m an RN (exposed to alot of crap, you could say). I’ll volunteer to work at this clinic,take vitials, draw blood, do assesment, etc. If we could get someone with $$$ to fund it, MD to order tests,etc. Anyone game???

    Anywho, I’m going to ENT next week for him to probably say “I’m Crazy. or you just need to get your tonsils cut out”.

    I have had pus producing tonsils for years (I’m 35)….recently I’ve noticed some skin issues. Follicular conjunctivitis in bilateral eyes. Put on steroid eye drops, temporarily helped but still having eye irritation. Skin eruptions along jaw line, red raised skin lesion on right lower leg, lower back discomfort. Swollen lymph glands along lateral neck. Headaches, nausea in am ( no I’m not pregnant, h/o hyster). Fatigue starting toward mid day (hey maybe I’m just getting older?) Anyone find the fountain of yougth yet? Okay now I’m just rambling….are we all a bunch of hypocondriacts or what??

    Try to have a good day….

  90. Hi Everyone

    Did you see this recent news item: 5 babies in the US have died from a Coxsackievirus B1 (CVB1) enterovirus. Coxsackievirus B1 does not usually cause serious infections; so there is speculation that this may be a new strain (serotype) of coxsackievirus B1.

    The new article is here: Mild Virus Causes 5 Baby Deaths.

    What’s more, check out the picture (the full size one) in this news article: the baby’s skin has exactly the same fine, parchment-like skin wrinkles as the hand picture shown above on this page (assuming this is an actual picture of one of the babies).

    Could the chronic sore throat virus be this speculated new strain of coxsackie B1?

  91. I have almost every symptom listed except for the “Later onset symptoms”. I am so tired of feeling sick; a sore throat, sinus drainage, worn down feeling, etc… as the list goes on and on. I have been dealing with this pretty continually for about 4 years now. I will get a short break now & then but it always comes back. My Dad suggested that I take Garlic pills and after trying them I felt quite a bit better already by the next day. I’ve been taking them for about 1 1/2 weeks now and they have helped tremendously with the symptoms I mentioned above and also with my energy level because when you are feeling good you tend to have more energy. I notice that if I take less then what is recommended then the next day my sore throat is back. I took 4 tablets of 500 mg. per day for the 1st week then I purchased 50 mg. by mistake so now I take about 500 mg. total or I’d have to take 40 a day just to reach 2,000 mg. so be sure to look for a brand with a larger mg. per tablet. I purchased the odorless garlic in softgels in the NOW brand. Most brands are odorless but I would check to be sure that is the kind you buy. I think Walmart carries the NOW brand (orange label) but I purchased them from the Natural Food Store. I have not been taking them long enough to find out what they will all help with or if my symptoms that disappeared will come back all I know is that at this point it has helped tremedously and I would recommend anyone trying them. They are inexpensive and if it helps at all it is worth it. Hope this helps!!

  92. Dear Kim,

    You are not crazy and you are not getting older ( of course we all are, but it has nothing to do with the disease we are talking about right here). Boris and I both trying to study this disease. I am from Russia, Boris from Ukraine. I live in USA in Mississippi right now. About 3 years ago I bought a professional microscope, stains, books and started my research. I know I found acid fast bacterias in my and my husband’s samples, but since I am not a professional I couldn’t identify them. I also found that the mucous we are coughing out has enormous amount of leukocytes which is speaking about inflammation. I would love to help to get the answer – WHAT IS IT? And I think that you have a really good idea about trying to get doctors, scientists biologists involved in the research. I just don’t know how difficult it may be to get funded for this project.Besides, I am pretty sure that this disease CAN BE CURED and people don’t have to suffer and mentally degradate as it happens right now. First of all I suggest that all people who are interested in helping, in research and in all other aspects connected to this problem, get each other emails and then we can discuss what we all can do. As I said it would be really great if we could get the interest of scientists and doctors, but meanwhile we can at least think what we can do. One head is good, several – better. Speaking about Mayo clinic – I am going to Mayo in Florida in about a month. I hope that there are high class specialists that will at least listen to me and get serious tests done. Also speaking about tonsillitis – I do have it also and the more serve the disease is the more serve tonsillitis I have. Besides, I started thinking about connection with it much earlier, since every person I know with this disease has TONSILLITIS. It may be coincident, but may be not. I have a friend who is a high class neuropathology specialist in Mayo clinic , he thinks that the reason what we all suffering from are some kind of toxins, but he can not say what is it in particular. There should be many tests done, one after another to illuminate possible causes. I would not name this a VIRUS only on the basis of somebody’s words that the doctors have done some culture and didn’t find anything. You , as a professional will understand me that there are about 20-30 agars of different types, different bacteria are growing on different media , some only on selective, some need one temperature for growing some need other temperature, some need 2 weeks some up to 3 months. If talking about fungus – they need different growing media, different staining technics and even if this is a virus it also can be cultured or at least looked under the bigger magnification ( since viruses are much smaller then bacteria). I wish there was some kind of test that can identify what kind of toxin is poisoning the body. But as you probably know there are different groups of toxins for bacterias, fungus, viruses, parasites and most of the doctors just refuse to do a research on toxins, saying it’s too expensive. For all people that are reading this post I would recommend , if they go to the specialists and ask for tests – do not mention fatique, DO NOT mention agression, brain fog. I will tell you why – there are only few doctors that will continue looking for what is really wrong with you after that. Because they are thinking and because they are smart. Most of them will send you to a psychiatrist, because they hear a familiar sound of mental symptoms and you will not prove that you have physical disease to them. Let them concentrate on other symptoms like SKIN PROBLEM, Stomach problems, conjunctivitis, gynecological discharge, coughing etc. Something they need to test to find a real cause, not just the syndrome.

  93. Hi Dashullya,

    Thanks for taking the time to post on the board.

    I’ve been dealing with this for the past 3 years and I have to agree that what I’m suffering from (can’t speak for everyone) sounds like what you describe in your post. Early on I experienced symptoms that seemed to be viral in origin (night sweats, shivers, fever, diarrhea, fatigue, joint pain, etc…), lately however, everything that I have observed leads me to believe that if there was a viral infection, it has passed. All of the remaining symptoms that I (and my wife) are experiencing now seem to be very localized and don’t fit the profile of a virus. For quite some time I’ve suspected some kind of systemic bacterial/ fungal infection as the cause of what I and my wife are suffering from and have been leaning towards some kind of mycobacterium/ ureaplasma/ or pneumoniae – and although less likely – maybe a fungus like Candida or Trichosporon.

    The information you mention about the Leukocytes etc.,makes sense to me. As I mentioned in a previous post, the only medication that I have received so far that seemed to have any effect at all was a class of anti-inflamatory drugs. In addition, although I wouldn’t call what I have “tonsillitis”, I do have a greyish-white coating centered mainly on the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat that I didn’t have before this disease and which is causing my chronic sore throat (my tonsils, gums, etc have also atrophied to some degree). Also, after reading Boris’s post I did a search on M. Leprae and found that it often affects the nasal mucosa, causing symptoms similar to those my wife and I continue to endure. Finally, I live in an Asian country where TB and M Leprae were at one time widespread in society and may be reemerging as resistant strains appear.

    So I tend to agree that,

    1) This is probably a bacteria.

    2) It can be cured if properly identified and treated

    3) It is difficult to culture in the lab and will be missed (or misdiagnosed) by 95% of doctors

    4) It is best to focus on concrete symptoms that cannot be lumped in with other syndromes (CFS for example) when talking to your doctor, and to stress that this is affecting not just you but also other family members who have the exact same symptoms

    5) It is important to share information on concrete medical findings that we have been diagnosed with through testing

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, there were only a few abnormalities that showed up in the extensive testing that I underwent. These were:

    1) Low platelet count

    2) IgG deficiency

    3) Slightly high T-bilirubin (Had Hep A years ago… might be related)

    ( *these were not anomalies, they were confirmed in separate test over the course of several years )

    Has anyone else been diagnosed with these or other conditions based on blood or other testing? I would appreciate any info you are able to share.

    Thanks again Dahullya and Boris, I think you’re headed in the right direction. Lets keep in touch.


  94. Dear Steven,

    Please stay in touch so we can share the information. Sometimes I hear news from Russian/Ukraine side about effective medicines or trials, new symptoms development, new tests that come positive for people with our symptoms. Please write me directly at dashamusics at hotmail. Or everybody who has interesting info about the subject is welcome to write. If you write me a letter, I would like to share some other interesting things I discovered, it may help. Now, my insurance doesn’t cover specialists in Mayo, unfortunately, but covers Cleveland clinic, so I will try to get inthere and will stay in touch. I think that all fungus, parasites need to be illuminated first of all. It looks like the main reason of suffering is serve allergy, edemas, toxins. This destroys the whole organizm. Fungus and parisites can live in the body for a long time. When the doctors do all tests for those – micobacterium of all types, actinomycetes, nocardioses, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis should be illuminated and then of course all protozoa and protozoa/fungus types parasites.

  95. I have many of these symptoms not all of them. It began for me about five years ago after staying in a hotel room in Gatlanburg TN. I got sick and my significant other became ill the day after staying in the hotel. We did eat seafood the night before, we had shrimp.

    we woke up the next day and both had horrible sore throats and fever. he got pennicillian and I got another antibiotic since i am allergic. we were hastly diagnosed with strep, but at the time strep was going around and the clinic was full of people with it. they were giving out masks to people as they came in.

    after a week I didnt get any better at all, the boyfriend did. I ended up going back to another clinic and they kept me there for five hours, I had high fever, general fatigue. sore throat, they said I didnt have a viral infection that it was bacterial in nature. They gave me Doxyclycine, after the first two days I felt super better and after a week thought I was completly rid of it, but after about ten days it came back full force, I had pain in my neck muscles, shoulders and between my shoulder blades, I was so tired that I napped about five times a day. I couldnt eat anything without it causing me stomach stress. I had either runny green or no bowel movements whatsoever.

    this virus has persisted in my for five years now. I have sore throat all the time. fatigue, strange reactions when I eat, tingling between shoulder blades, stomach swelling to capacity and painful. chronic gas, I was diagnosed with horrible GERD, reflux diease after about a year and a half, although I had never had it before. I tested positive for H Pylor, did the treetment for it, then things got worse. especially the gastro problems.

    I used to be outgoing, now I hate being around anyone, I am overwhealmed eaisly by the simplest tasks. I am just tired all the time. I have frequent urnitation and thirst. I get fine pimples on my back and shoulder blades that even when they have dried up they leave scars, Ive never had this before and im 39 yrs old. I havd had Nissan surgery for reflux yet still get refulx and cant eat anything spicy or fried, I can usually only eat wheat cereals with low sugar, banana and rice milk, brown rice and baked fish with rosemary. If I eat ANYTHING other then that, my stomach goes thru even more stress, keeping me awake half the night.

    I have slightly high white blood cell count, for years. hypoglycemia, (this is fairly new symptom) chronic fatigue, trouble concentrating, and complete change in who I used to be. I am very antisocial perferring to stay home most all of the time, due to my having to eat six to eight small meals of the same old stuff all the time.

    I do not belive that my only problem is reflux which is what the docotors say, I have had the sugeries I dont eat anything at all ever to cause reflux, and I take protonix and tums contstantly.

    I do know when first got this diease, my skin would be very very dry, around my fingers would crack and take months to heal.

    there is so many other little symptoms that I just cant type them all. I do hope the find a cure.

  96. Bonjour. Il y a 3 mois maintenant que j’ai mal à la gorge. J’ai dans le passé eu une extinction de voix qui à durée pres de 6 mois. Alors je me disais que ce devait etre les séquelles. Cependant, lorsque j’ai lus votre site, je suis tombé par terre.

    1. mes articulations me font mal a mourrir. J’ai 2 doigt qui ne plis presque plus et tout craque. 2. Je vis des périodes de dépression intense sans raison. ( tout va bien dans ma vie ) 4. Lorsque je me blesse, je cicatrise beaucoup moins bien: les cicatrices restent apparentes et d’une couleur vive! 5. Je suis fatigué, même apres des nuits de sommeil régulière. 6. J’ai des feux sauvages à répétition. peau me démange sans cesse. 8. je perds mes cheveux beaucoup plus qu’avant. 9. Je suis incqapable de manger des aliments car j’ai la diarrée instantanément. 10. Je fais des gingivites à répétition. 11.Perte de libido. 12.etc…..

    Aidez-moi!!!! Je en sais plus quoi faire!

    If you have any suggestion of what kind of treatment i could take for a whil…let me know!!

    Best regards and best chances to all of us!


    For 3 months I have had a throat. I had in the past lost my voice for nearly 6 months. So I thought that this was the aftermath. However, when I read your site, I fell to the ground.

    1. My joints hurt badly. I have two fingers that are creaky.

    2. I have periods of intense depression without any reason. (All is well in my life)

    4. When I have cuts or wounds, I heal much less: the scars are still apparent.

    5. I am always tired, even after nights of good sleep.

    6. I have repeated herpes cold sore flare ups on the lips.

    7. My skin itches constantly.

    8. I am losing much more hair than before.

    9. I cannot eat food because I instantly get diarrhea.

    10. I have gingivitis.

    11. I have lost my libido.

    12. etc …..

  97. Hip, would be glad to help. We can talk in Skype and discuss the problem. Here is my answer to your thought about C vitamin and our disease relation. Thanks and have a blessed day

    #Recently, I read that some Lyme disease and CFS sufferers are using 3 grams of sea salt mixed with 3 grams of vitamin C in a glass of water, three times a day. I have not idea of why this works, but I have noticed a positive effect on mood and energy on trying it. And it’s very cheap and simple. I really recommend that you try this remedy; the effects are rapid.#

    Yes, Vitamin C helps a lot. BUT, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take 3g every day. Why? When it’s taken everyday it gradually weakens immune system. Fist it’s boosting it and the more it’s boosted day by day – it gets weaker trying too hard. Then autoimmune disease can start. Think about it. I use 3g of C vitamin as an extra help, when I have bad attacks. I ve read a lot why C helps – the main thing is not that it boosts immune system, the main thing is vitamin C NEUTRALIZES TOXINS!!!

    You can read articles about that vitamin C in s doses over 2g- was discovered to help with bird flu neutralizing toxins( unfortunately too cheap to be used in medicine that is moneymaking business right now), you can read multiple articles that in old time vitamin C was used while treating diphtheria because doctors didn’t have antitoxin at that time.

    Let me tell you one more thing – many people with our disease saying now they tend to take more alcohol because it seems helping. First of all alcohol is a natural stress reliever and since our Nerve System is damaged it would help. Second and the most important thing – an alcohol neutralized just only one type of toxins I KNOW ABOUT – toxins of CORYNEBACTERIA ( Including diphtheria ) . I ve read a scientific article that the docs knew that and were trying to cure this disease in ancient times with alcohol. But 70 percent of people would die much earlier then the ones that were not treated with alcohol because alcohol would give a tremendously bad effect on people’s hearts. That;s why the treating with alcohol was stopped.

    So generally, these are the conclusions I made about vitamin C helping.

    Actually when I had flashes of fever and spams and sweats and FREEZING, first I was thinking – okay, it’s because I have high fever, but this prove me wrong – I would take tylenol – the fever went down but the condition wouldn’t change. As soon as I take 3g of vitamin C – everything stops – no spasms, no freezing, no nervousness.Why? whether it neutralizes toxins and they stop influencing the body or since vit C acting on blood vessels that might be connected to the blood circulation. Does the infection influence blood vessels? or brain or just nervous system? What is primary?

  98. Hallo,

    As I mentioned before, I am struggling with the same problem as all of you at this web site.

    My opinion is the same as Author’s of the web site, it is rather virus than bacteria or any thing else but I have heard about LEGIONNAIRES disease recently, which can cause similar symptoms. Would like to ask if anybody was checked for it?

    Thake Care,


    REPLY: Thanks for that suggestion on Legionnaires disease (caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila). A quick bit of research uncovered that Legionella has many characteristics that do fit our pathogen profile: for example, Legionella has a fast incubation period of 2 – 10 days, and symptoms such as fatigue, fever, dry cough, muscles aches, headache, chest pains, shortness of breath, and later, it spread to the abdominal area and brain. However, Legionella is not contagious, whereas my chronic sore throat bug is definitely contagious via normal household and social contact. Also, legionella is easily killed by antibiotics, which I guess rules it out, since all the various antibiotics I had did not improve symptoms. Nevertheless, this is an excellent suggestion – Hip

  99. So to “test” for an organism: Viral, bacterial, microorganism, fungal, toxins, or vitamin deficency…

    Randam testing of:

    Blood -(multi-system/organ involvement)

    CSF (cerebral spinal fluid)-mood/coordination, neurological symptoms.

    Muscle biospy- connective tissue, “loose joints”, pain, fatigue.

    Tissue culture and sensitivity- consider areas of entrance into the body (eyes, nose, mouth(tonisils), any skin lesions, rectal/genital areas.)

    Testing first to “rule out” diseases such as ALS, MS, MD, Leginnaires, H-pyloric, influenza, Diptheria, MMR, tetnaus, STDs, etc.

    Think all we are vaccinated for:DTP, MMR, varcellia, hepatits, polio, Haemophilus influenzae B.

    All are a “weakened form” of those diseases, yes everyone is given a “standard dose” of vaccine, but not all of us are “standard”, we are all different sizes, shapes, immunities, genetic workup, etc.

    Could all these symptoms were having (and I’m sure there is more out there…) be from having these disease antibodies/antigens in our cells and possiblly genetic makeup?

    Could all those antibodies to “fight” the disease be starting to work against us and not for us?

    If so I can see why Vit C and NA+ help some symptoms…symply our immune systems are overwhelmed/overloaded. We are seeing more and more Autism in children, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinsons, and psyc disorders (depression, psycosis) then ever before.

    What to do about it??? Find your source…..

    Where do you mostly hurt????

    Look at your body, where do you think it is changing most rapidly???? (teeth, throat, joints, muscles, skin, lungs, stomach, Genitals, mental issues, etc???)

    Then go from there..


    Sore throat:

    If your pain, symptoms (irritation, chronic infection, hoarseness, gums receding, bad breath, gastric reflux, gas, bloating, etc) started there.

    Get a tissue sample or swabbing of your mucosa from your NOSE, gums, eyes, tonsils, tongue, etc…have them r/o the basics such as MRSA, strep, staph Epi, candidia, the list goes on and on.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to get vaccinated, I am saying we should just look at this “long-term” effects.

    What do you intelllegent people think about taking antivirals, antibiotics, and oral antifungals for 1 month???

    Thanks for reading…

  100. Boy, I can’t believe how many people are suffering similar things to myself. Having this pretty chronic sore throat led me to search for insight and I found this site. But my story is longer as I am 62 and once was very energetic and active, loving canoeing, camping, cycling, hiking, etc. Now I live on a meagre disability pension and haven’t worked for nine years. Poverty is a big issue for me now.

    I suffered from depression when younger and in 1974, had a terrible bout of something while travelling, after picking up a hitchhiker who told me he had had hepatitis, I think. We had noo physical contact. A week later I was jaundiced and then got a very high fever. I had vomiting and diarrhoea, delirium and then very extreme fatigue. After that I had very frequent chills and a recurrent rash that lasted for ten years off and on, whenever I was run down. I had to rsign from teaching, a year later and went on welfare. Fun!! $252 dollars a month to live on! I fasted frequently, gave up dairy and wheat and then went 21 years without a cold, got back to work and worked for almost 25 years after that . I had relationship and job stress and was trying to complete a very difficult course in medical herbalism from 1989 onwards, flying to and from England every year. In England in the early nineties, I had trouble with my right leg and was sick with something that a herbal remedy cleared up. A chiropractor helped my leg. But my partner cheated on me a second time and my mother had a near fatal heart attack . I kicked him out, flew to Texas to be with my mother who is now 92, having survived everyting from cancer to heart failure to a gangrenous gall bladder cyst. Then I had to increase my hours of work to pay the bills on the house, missed the final exam in my course which I had nearly completed successfully. Over the next two years, I started having spurts of energy followed by crashes and fatigue and tears. I had powerful energy surges that made me scream in my car. I went on short term disbaility and returned to part-timer work, but couldn’t cope. I went on long term disability and this condition progressed to having severe symptoms after minimal activity: inability to stay awake, profound fatigue, chills followed by great heat in the middle of the night, shortness of breath, pounding heart, incontinence, recurrent sore throat that turns to respiratory infection if I continue being active, that prickly feeling all over in the middle of the night, along with the shortness of breath, like panic–I have the digestive symptoms of flatulence and burping, now GERD and burning in the middle of my chest when I eat. I have the dry wrinkly skin thing and hair loss which is really annoying. I have recurrent bladder infections which is a condition helped most by taking acidophilus every morning and eating little sugar. I take echinacea and cat’s claw and echoshelle( a herbal tincture containing echinacea, elecampane and osha root which is anti-viral). It helps somewhat if I take it regularly. I get something called ADP from my naturopathic physician when I have a full blown acute respiratory infection. It is concentrated oil of oregano in tablet form and works great. I have anxiety, depression and irritability and don’t even feel in my body. I feel depersonalized and two psychics told me I was having a Kundalini expansion and the energy was being blocked because of past trauma and/or toxicity. I have no way of knowing whether this is true but puzzle all the time about how much of this is spiritual, how much emotional and how much physical. Anti-depressants make me feel very agitated and I hate them. I feel very depressed, have little social contact, but when my energy does get better for a while, I’m out there doing things, but relapse quickly and have awful pain in my muscles and joints. I get so depressed. I see a psychiatrist regularly–have to, as disability insurance requires it, as they could find little trace of anything physical except I have Epstein-Barr anti-bodies probably from that infection in 1974. Epstein-Barr can cause jaundice and I have no hepatitis antibodies. I get awful headaches and after collapsing following something as simple as just digging the garden, I have great pain and fatigue for days. I have back pain and neck pain and gingivitis. Can anyone relate to the other symptoms and what treatments if any have helped? All flower essences and homeopathics do not have to effects on me they used to. They aggravate now instead of helping. This is a puzzlement as Yul Bryner once said in “the King and I”. I have lost my life and am in worse shape than my mother!

  101. Kim, Would you please contact me on skype? My name is Dashullya on skype, or by email dashamusics at hotmail. It’s kind of difficult to discuss everything through posting the replies here. I think you are very right at many subjects and I would discuss vaccination subject.( for example – do you know that diphtheria vaccine last only for 10-15 years? When have you been vaccinated the last time?)

    For everybody else – some diseases are not cured even with the month of treatment. If you read about legionella ( which I still suspect as a possible cause) it may be resistant to just erythromicin, sometimes longer then one month treatment + rymphapicin used and many specialists write that many people just suppress it by doing so, but can not cure up to the end. For sure – we are looking for INTRACELLULAR types of infection.

  102. Kim wrote: “What do you intelllegent people think about taking antivirals, antibiotics, and oral antifungals for 1 month???”

    I used to take “Isoprinosine” (an antiviral drug) for about 6 weeks and I didn’t notice any improvement in my state. The only thing (I haven’t got any prove it was due to it) my cd4 count rised from 539 to about 1000 when I finished it.

    Take care

  103. Responding to the reposting of Kim’s question above

    My stance is that it’s not a good idea to try many kinds of antivirals/ biotics/ fungals unless you have more or less and idea what the root cause of your sickness is.


    1) Some of them are still experimental and have side effects which are not well understood – this is especially true for antivirals which are relatively new. Even the drugs that are well understood may have adverse effects based on genetic makeup or other factors.

    2) Anitbiotics are overused by doctors and as a result we have reemerging classes of diseases which are impossible to treat, like drug resistant TB etc… or previously harmless strains that mutate into strains that can cause illness. It’s likely that we have one of these 2 classes, which would explain why it is difficult for medical staff to identify it – it’s either uncommon (thought to be eradicated) or new. I imagine this same trend would hold true for antifungals as well although I don’t have any concrete knowledge on the subject.

    3) In addition, it is difficult to study a disease if the expression of symptoms is interrupted by too many different kinds of therapy. Maybe it was the erythromycin that made you feel better, maybe it was the ganciclovir, maybe it was the prednisone, or then again, maybe it was the yoga class you started taking or a new kind of herbal tea that you are drinking. Point is, any one thing may be effective for “relieving” symptoms but the cure is only likely to come from a narrow class of things and then only under certain conditions (ex: taking the right antibiotic for several months). This may sound strange, but it is important to have persistent and demonstrable symptoms in order to characterize the disease. Hip has done a great job of analyzing these symptoms and of posting clear, unambiguous pictures of observable signs on the website.

    4) Antibiotics kill all germs, not only the bad ones. This plays havoc with your bodies natural balance of bacterial flora. It may even bring on symptoms which you previously did not experience – gas and bloating, bladder infections, etc… Antibiotics, for example, could kill a certain kind of bacteria which keeps a certain kind of fungus in check in your body. Kill of the bacteria and there is no longer a natural check on the fungus.

    5) There is also reinfection to be considered, most people share this with a spouse or family member. If you are not both treated at the same time you will just get reinfected again.

    These are the main reasons, coupled with the reports from this board that show that in all cases, these drugs are either ineffective or the effects are very short-lived.

    My own opinion is that effective classes of drugs do exist, however, they need to be taken for an extended period of time, in the correct dose, and more than likely, need to be taken in conjunction with other drugs (and everyone in your family with the symptoms also needs to be treated at the same time). Until we know generally what kind of organism we are dealing with, it is impossible to satisfy these conditions.


    PS – I agree with Kim’s recent posting above about focussing on one class of symptoms to help with identification. For example oro-nasal-respiratory. Or skin-joint-muscle, etc…

  104. Mostly agree with Steven about using antibiotics and other drugs, unless the inflammatory reaction is so overwhelming that it prevents you from keeping yourself on the feet like it was a couple of times with our family, then my education didn’t let me just give up and say – okay, let the ambulance come and figure if they can save us. So in those extreme situations I used some antibiotics that I knew would improve the condition + corticosteroids to suppress inflammatory response of dieing pathogen. When you take antibiotics yes, you need to remember about all what Steven said – reinfection among family members if not treated simultaneously, resistance of bacterias to antibiotics, killing not only bad bacterias but the useful too ( and they help our organism to fight diseases), then immune system is suppressed when you take antibiotics for a long time. And if you have fungus in addition, your immune system may cope with fungus until you start taking antibiotics, so if I take antibiotics for a long time – all family is treated, special supplements are taken ( as folic acid that will be in shortage in your body if you use bactrim for example that kills the bacteria by means of destroying their folic acid component), I also use fluconazole before treatment and after, and of course probiotics during and after treatment. So if you know how to use it right and you feel like you need it, I think you can do it. But again, completely agree with Steven, until we know HOW EXACTLY to treat this disease- in best case, we can get relief temporarily. In worst case you may worsen your situation. That’s why it’s so important to figure what is it and how to treat it. Also many people think by some reason that only AIDS destroys immune system. NOT TRUE. Any chronic inflammation can do the same and then you will have secondary immune problem. The earlier we find what’s the reason, the better the prognoses for all of us will be.

  105. Absolutely amazing. I’ve got all these symptoms including the aggression spouts. I’m sure there is a common link we all have. For instance, do we all have bad teeth with fillings? Do we all have the same blood type? Do we have acne? Do we all have a high sex drive? Low sex drive? Thyroid problems? The amalgam fillings theory sounds interesting. Whose to say they don’t have an effect after a couple years?

    I have alot of amalgam fillings in teeth for 17+ years.

    Also have some dental implants.

    I have acne (not bad on the face, but on the back).

    I have a high sexual drive.

    I have bad eye sight since a kid.

    Under weight.

    O+ blood type.

    Like to eat meat and pasta and bread.

    Have long fingers and big feet (Slightly big feet).

    Small ears.

    Blue colored eyes.

    Slightly big nose.

    Own a cell phone (hey, never know, that RF microwave stuff)

    Sleep with the TV on

    I am a go-getter type of person when it comes to doing something.

    On the computer alot (Who isn’t though nowadays)

    Hate yogurt, liver, cold steaks, caviar, and other weird stuff

    I am divorced

    Maybe if all of us posted our body info, characteristics, and habits like I just did, maybe we can see a common link. Can’t hurt right? Especially since all the doctors look at us like we’re crazy. Give it a shot. I know some of it is wacky, but it will be interesting. You never know. Maybe if you have blue eyes, with big feet and amalgams, you are predisposed to have this. Again, I know it sounds off the wall, but what do we have to lose? If you can think of anything I left out, let us know.

  106. To Cynthia: Have you been checked for MS? My sister has Multiple Sclerosis and so many of the symptoms you mention sound like what she has been through. Just a suggestion. Good Luck!!

  107. Update: Now into the 5th month of whatever this thing is. After all the research, I have pretty much decided that this started when the friggin docs overdosed me on antibiotics for strep throat. I should have been smart enough myself to realize that 4 courses of antibiotics was wrong. Anyway, blood test confirmed the EBV a month ago. Still coursing its way through my system. Good days, bad days. Unfortunately, now have a patch of shingles on my back. Ah, now we see what happens to a very healthy person once the immune system is compromised. Underside of right arm and should have been numb for a good week now. Very strange feeling. Sore throat, fatigue – all continue. Have a doc appt on 6/13 – plan to be very vocal about all this chit going on in my body. I am really REALLY tired of it. I read all of your posts and wonder how you can go all these years feeling like this – I don’t think I could make it “years”. I’m only 51 and WAS having the time of my life!

    Keep posting. I learn a lot by reading. I am really thankful to HIP for starting this. There is a lot to be said for not feeling so alone in all this misery.

    Striving for wellness!


  108. Cathy-

    I agree, how people can go so long with this, But i think that I could have at least rule out some obvious diseases instead docs in Mississippi are telling me I and my family are healthy.Sometimes Boris and I are kidding that it would be very teaching to sneeze at docs to make them feel as we all No of course not, I would never wish anybody to have what we are going through. But I am wondering. Okay, I live in Mississippi where doctors find puss in my glands thinking it’s food, but many other people live in central areas , they can find good specialists and if they have insurance there should be able to pay something like $1000 or at least $3000 out of their pocket and then you can go to any clinic and any specialists to do researches… Is it right?

  109. Dashullya- I thought I was healthy as a horse in January 2008. Live in South Florida and extremely active for age 51. Only complaints I had was an incredible weight gain over the past couple years, even though I went to the gym 4-5 evenings a week after working 10-hour days. For the most part, I eat whole foods, very little if any processed foods, etc. Other complaint was hair loss for the past couple years and joint pain. Had the thyroid tested a couple times and it was normal. I believe NOW, that these complaints were due to needing hormone replacement therapy (lost the uterus 6 years ago = the dreaded menopause!)

    However, in February 2008 I got strep throat, a staph infection in my finger, and staph in my urine. All at one time. When on the antibiotic I seemed to recover. After stopping the antibiotic, within days I was sick again (fever, sore throat, etc). So my former doctor prescribed antibiotics a total of 4 times. I believe that killed my immune system. Or crippled it. Current doc ran tests and determined that the Eptstein Barr Virus has revived itself due to the overdose of antibiotics. Also have Herpes Simplex II, which I’ve known all my life. Have a patch of activity on my back which is probably shingles (self-diagnosis – too tired out from all this to get into the doc’s office until my appt on 6/13/08) and part of my right arm has been numb for over a week now.

    Whatever I may or may not have had prior to February, has escalated to the point that I am not functioning well at all. As a matter of fact, I am not even going in to work today- just can’t make it.

    I don’t know if my symptoms fit with this group – all I know is that I have so many odd & unusual symptoms and that my body is not cooperating with my mind. (Speaking of my mind – I am not sure of stability there either anymore).

    Wow. I never thought I would find myself in a position like this.

    To respond to your location and your comments: my brother-in-law lives in Biloxi, MS and was being treated locally for colon cancer (age 44). It was not going well so they got a referral to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Major improvement. So yeah, you make a good point.

  110. So I saw ENT doctor yesterday for my chronic inflammed pink/geen nasty draining tonsils ( I’m talking years of this), and what does he say…..they are a “+3” (which means…+4 is largest, so they are larger). Hypertropied (scarred with large pits) AND THEY NEED TO COME OUT!!!!

    I asked him about antibiotics, he said they might temporarily help, but soon my symptoms would be back. Well I am going to investigate further on this. Getting a body part “cut out” , is not an answer for me.

    I’m going to find a “holistic MD” and see what they have to offer. Anyone know of any top notch ones???

  111. Kim – my boyfriend (age 46) just heard the same thing from his ENT. Said the tonsils are causing his sore throat and sleep apnea (for which he already uses a cpap). ENT also wants to straighten out his “deviated septum” (i.e. crooked nose) and scrape his palate (ewww). Pretty invasive if you ask me.

    I wonder how many of us here still have our tonsils?

  112. I also have been having the same symptoms for several years now. I do think antibiotics will help but you to have be on them for a while. I also had 3 mrsa infection at the same time. So I havn’t had any infections in the last 4years but I do believe their maybe some kind of connection. Best of luck to anyone with this problem. Cipro works the best.

    Hi Latreese. Thanks for your comments. Please tell us more about your experience, and how Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) helped the symptoms. Are you still taking it? If you stopped, did the symptoms get worse again?

    Many thanks – Hip

  113. Cathy-

    Thank you for the link. The problem why I can not go to any study is this. All fatigue and everything started 3 years ago. I didn’t have insurance then but was knocking the doctors’ doors almost every day – no help. They said it may be related to CFS but whn the whole family got sick immediately took these words away. Now I am smarter I think. I ve got an insurance about 7 months ago and now if I mention fatigue they may deside it’s preexisting and never cover. So I have to go with – tonsils, Gyn symptoms, cough, skin – something I didn’t mentioned several years ago, and something they really can do the tests on. But thank you anyway.Keep in touch

  114. I asked the ENT if he ever just takes a “culture” of tonsils to see what growing in the pus pockets, he says that only if other symptoms present such as one tonsil bigger then other, fatique, discoloration, no pain, etc. I was like “hello”, how about me then? I have one tonsil bigger then the other, no pain, discoloration, fatigue, weakness, gums receeding, etc. He says it still would not help and getting them removed is the answer. He then scoped my throat with some steel looking instrument to check behind my tonsils and my vocal cords because I insisted I felt something back there while I swallowed, and I have alot of “hoarseness”, voice changes, etc. So he looked and didn’t see anything to be concerned about. I will not get my tonsils cut out unless my airway is compromised, I believe they are there for a reason.

    Cathy~ to have your boyfriend go thru all that would be torture. I have seen some postop’s with that type of surgery come into ER with complications of pain, bleeding, and swallowing difficulties. Did his MD give him any alternatives like weight loss, change in diet, and neck/mouth exercises to see if that helps? CPAP should also be helping if he has sleep apnea…

    Take Care…

  115. Kim-

    Tonsils have protective function. They hold the infection and doesn’t let it to go any further. Also play immune function. Sometimes chronic tonsillitis may be the reason of fatique because it may content the infective agent that would be poisoning the whole organism. In this case the doctor usually decides if it’s better to remove them or keep them. They wash tonsils with antiseptics in Russia.

    But I wouldn’t remove them not because of their protective function right now. I wouldn’t remove them because I suspect that if you take puss out of tonsils and do

    1. acid fast staining

    2. gramm staining

    3 spore staining

    This way we MAY find the infection. Of course culture wouldn’t hurt, but I believe several types need to be performed mycobacterial is one.

    I personally think that there is no need to waist your time on doctors like you ve had an appointment with. We all need to find doctors that will provide the tests like these and treat your problem seriously.

    Here is a very interesting research about TB found locally in tonsils.

    Good luck and be healthy.

  116. The original poster who started this thread should have better ways to spend his time than giving a detailed, week by week account of his “symptoms”. Regardless of his belief this is a new, horrible, virus, with bleak outcomes that may go away over a long stretch of time, his medical problems should be between him and his doctor, not spreading this around the internet and scaring people who are prone to anxiety from reading about symptoms. Whoever is reading my post, PLEASE go to your doctor if you are not feeling well, BUT DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP of reading symptoms on the internet and applying it to yourself. The person who started this thread had no business putting his medical information out in the public eye regardless of his motivation to “share with the world” the possibility of a new virus. Let me explain further: I just got over an upper respiratory virus, and yes it lasted a few weeks. I am PERFECTLY FINE now and did have a sore throat and some other odds and ends THAT ARE RESOLVED. I went to my doc a couple of times and then read the original post above and freaked out from it, like I am sure some of you have already done. It sat with me for days, thinking that my brain was going to be affected, etc. etc., and now that I am back to normal, feel very angry at myself for having fell into the trap of reading about his symptoms and scaring myself sick. If YOU are reading this, just know that you have upset many many people with your very detailed account of something that should have been kept private.

    Hi Day Dean. May I suggest that you are by nature a very anxious person and susceptible to paranoia. When I first got this first this sore throat, although it was quite bad, I did not even think of going to see a doctor, or running like a hypochondriac to the Internet to check it out. I assumed it would pass on its own. That is called being normal, as opposed to being easily frightened. Only after four or five months, as more and more symptoms appeared, did I start to think something was rather unusual with this bug that I had caught, and only then did I go to the doctor.

    I guess it is not your fault, entirely. All the news and media we encounter daily tend to put the deepest fears and gloom into the general population. Try being more optimistic. Otherwise, the next time you get a a little pimple on face, you’ll fall into more paranoid terror reading web sites on skin cancer, bird flu, or who knows what.

    Many of the people posting here have serious conditions, yet they remain relatively level-headed and focused. You need to relax more and get some perspective.

  117. Hi Day,

    I’m afraid you don’t understand, its not as if none of us has been to a doctor. The problem is that whatever it is each of us is experiencing has not been diagnosed clearly by the medical community. You had an upper respiratory virus for a few weeks… I’m sorry to hear that but…. multiply your symptoms by a factor of 4 or 5 and then stretch it out over the course of a few years, hard to imagine isn’t it. That’s why we feel compelled to seek information in this format.

    Where I am at the moment, I have trouble getting 10 minutes of face time with a doctor, and the doctors I do see aren’t too interested in things that can not be diagnosed in under 10 minutes with a standard battery of tests. I personally have dealt with this for 3 years and I’m quite sure its transmissible. That means that if I don’t take matters into my own hands I may result in other people going through the same kind of hell that I have. If you’ve read this forum, you also understand that it’s not just us, it’s also our families that are affected by this. So if you think its better that we keep quiet, and just let our doctors deal with it…. then you are either incredibly naive or have a total lack of human empathy. This forum wasn’t created to freak people out. It was created to approach a serious and documented problem in a systematic and informed manner, to share information and to look for common denominators. If you don’t like what’s going on here… then… go somewhere else, or better yet, just stop searching the internet. It’s really that simple.

    In closing I, and I’m sure several other people on this board, either work directly in the health care industry or have a detailed knowledge of medicine and/or epidemiology. The worst thing that you can possibly do in this kind of situation is to keep medical information quiet. Would you rather public health officials keep outbreaks of of TB, MRSA, West Nile Virus, or HIV quiet as well… See how well that works out for you.

    I think you have better things to do with your time then to harass chronically ill individuals who are doing nothing more than looking for some answers.


  118. Nonbelievers

    I have worked in direct contact with the sick and diseased for 14 years. Having being exposed to all types of bodily fluids directly and indirectly.

    In the last 2-3 years of working in the ER, I have noticed an overwhelming increase in truely “sick” people who otherwise should be healthy for there age. MRSA, resistant staph epi, pseudomonas, strep, etc. These are REAL “bugs” out there that you can not see and you don’t know you have them until they are overwhelming making you feel sick.

    I know what it feels like to be “healthy” and I know what it feels like to be “sick”, I’ve seen it and felt it first hand.

    So feel fortunate that you only have a cold, hopefully it won’t turn into a lifetime of immunocomprosities for you.

    Sorry you feel this is not “real” , but obviously if you look and read the number of people who have shared there symptoms, numbers don’t lie.

    Good Health to you…

    Very interesting to hear about this ER experience, and the recent general increase in sick people you have seen – Hip.

  119. For some smarters,

    1.MRSA and staph is quite different things. One bug type but different suscept. -as result – quite different diseases.

    2.MRSA is VERY RARE out of hospital. So in all “exhospital” cases first of all NORMALL docs should think about lab contamination of the samples.

    3.Staph(including MRSA) is not related with this conditions.

    4.Antibiotics is NOT damaging the immune system. This is myth…

    People, try to read something more than just this blog… for example….

  120. I have had a chronic sore throat for over 9 months now and it seems like no doctors can figure out what it is. I have a weird white coating on my tongue which looks like little white bumps, mostly collecting at the back and despite brushing my tongue and teeth twice a day it still comes back every day and i feel like it is causing me to have bad breath. My glands in my neck are very swollen and sore also. I have been extremely depressed and tired lately and very stressed out. I even had pink eye, an ear infection, and multiple yeast infections in the last few months which is not normally something I have to deal with. It’s hard to know about the stomach stuff because I have Crohn’s disease, which is an intestinal disease, so I normally have to deal with issues such as diarrhea and stomach pain, so those types of symptoms would not seem abnormal to me. I have been researching online what the possible causes of all my symptoms could be. I have read a lot online about HPV and its link to oral cancer. There are over 100 strains of HPV, the most well known ones cause warts and cancer, but I also read that 37 types of HPV cause throat infections. Doctor’s i’ve seen were extremely unaware of the link between oral cancer and HPV. I have been very paranoid about this and look at my throat in the mirror constantly. I won’t even kiss my boyfriend without brushing my tongue or chewing some gum at least. I worry that this virus could be caused by HPV and knowing that there is no cure makes me even more depressed. Reading this made me feel a little better, that possibly my symptoms are not the result of HPV, but no matter what, it sucks, because antibiotics do nothing for viruses, so am I supposed to live with this for the rest of my life? Sometimes my throat feels like its burning, and I am constantly drinking something because it feels kind of dry. My nose is constantly stuffed up and running down the back of my throat. I have to blow my nose every day. I hate this, I feel like doctor’s don’t listen to me, and I don’t know what to do about it anymore. I have an ENT appointment next week, I was hoping to find a doctor who might be able to give me something, anything, that might help me, or at least calm my fears about oral cancer or warts. But since I am only 21 I feel like they don’t take me seriously at all when I tell them I’m worried about oral cancer. I read that orapharyngeal cancer causes symptoms such as ear pain, persistent sore throat, pain swallowing, difficulty swallowing, etc., and has a high mortality rate due to the usually LATE diagnosis of the problem. This freaks me out and sometimes I feel like I want to just die so I don’t have to worry about this 24/7 anymore.

    Oh yeah… totally forgot about the headaches… been getting very severe headaches that last for hours… although before this year I’ve hardly ever had a headache in my life

    Thanks for posting, Mel. First of all, its quite unlikely that you have oral human papilloma virus. Your symptoms could be caused by any number of viruses or bacteria. Have you been tested for Epstein-Barr, coxsackievirus, cytomegalovirus? These can all cause the symptoms you have. Have you have bacterial cultures performed on your throat? And how did all your symptoms start – was it with a sudden flu-like illness or a sudden sort throat; or did your illness start more gradually?

    On the subject of anxiety: you need to be aware that many of these persistent viruses can change the way your mind works, and so abnormally increase you anxiety responses, so that you begin to worry too much. Then you can get into a panic about anything you read, such as cancer, etc. The best thing you can do in the short term is try to reduce your anxiety levels (which is not easy, as many people here know). Perhaps get some anti-anxiety medication from your doctor, or try some natural anti-anxiety remedies. Once you deal with the anxiety, you may find you start to think more calmly and clearly, and this will put you in a better position to tackle your other symptoms.

    Hope this helps – Hip

  121. In response to my comment about Cipro seemed to work better for me. The crawling sensation have stopped but I’m currently going to have testing done on my lungs or sputumn. Because I told my dr. a while back I thought my saliva was actually infected because of a weird sweet and sometimes metalic taste in my mouth. But being on Cipro (for sinuses), and clindamycin (skin) amoxicillin (throat) took care of majority of my symptoms. But sinus drainage is still draining to my throat especially during sleep. So check you sputumn, and next step I’m going to also see about having a gastro study as well. I really think a stronger dose of cipro would have gotten rid of mostly everything sooner If Dr’s would listen more. Also check above your ear to see if it is swollen. Don’t let Dr.’s rush you because we pay their salary. One more thing: check Cpk level (creatine phosphokinase / creatine kinase) because mine was tripple the amount it should be. Which means muscle damage.

    Many thanks Latreese – Hip.

  122. hi everybody. I thought some thoughts of mine could be useful.

    1. All my relatives and I had a good quite prolonged effect from taking macrolids ( erythromicin or clarithromicin) + just one 250 Cipro a day for about a month total. We finished this course about 4 months ago and still in pretty good shape. Also we are not the first who saying that it seem help. The head still clear, no fatique and at least most of sleepiness has gone.

    2. If somebody is going to do serious tests stop taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs ( nasonex, corticosteroids) preferably a month before you have an appointment for the tests. They may influence the infection enough to make the tests false negative.

    3. If somebody hears about GREAT infectious specialists anywhere in USA, please let us know and share your experience. There’s no need to knock the ” empty door” or in other words to bother doctors who don’t really want to do anything about you situation. Instead would be good if all people with our symptoms ask friends or share their own experience, may be they already know about Excellent specialists. The more I study our disease the more I understand that in our case the difference between good and EXCELLENT specialist is crucial.

    3. I ve heard about Evidence Medicine Institutes in USA that can accept samples, identify the pathogen + make a video for you. So may be it wouldn’t be too bad idea to ask doctors that you go for the tests to keep the samples and send them to Evidence Based Medicine Institute? You know labs are different, specialists also sometimes mistaken or just don’t take into consideration ” a few bacterias” which also may be important.When the video is done – nobody will deny the fact.

    I Will not even comment the guy with ” paranoiac believe in ” doctors will help you and if they think you are healthy you are the crazy one”. People should have a chance to find what they are sick with and not to be limited by fools and sohpmores.

    Thank you

  123. Kim- BF is a 47 year old police officer, works night shift, on the go constantly. Overweight for sure. Thyroid was irradiated in 1982 so lives on Synthroid. Doctor just put him on Cytomel to assist with weight loss. He does have the CPAP and it certainly has improved his sleeping; however, he would love to be able to sleep without it and I think that is why the tonsillectomy so much appeals to him. I did look in his throat and it matches mine! His gland are swollen like mine also. I am going to insist he get a second opinion at the very least before going under the knife – think he’ll listen? lol

    Thanks for you comment.


  124. Hi. I have a really bad sore throat right now. Much worse than usual. I started to read online to try to figure out what is going on. I came across this blog. Now I am researcher at a biotech company that makes quality controls for nucleic acid testing of infectious diseases. I work with mostly inactive viruses, but a lot of the common herpes ones are still active. I just started at this company in Jan 2008, and since the first day I was there, I got sick. It started with a quick flu-like cold (or atleast I thought it was that). I can’t remember if I got a sore throat then or not. But what was strange was that happened at the beginning of JAN and by JAN 31 I was sick again with another cold, and I am generally really healthy and have never got a cold twice in the same month. This time it was bad sore throat that lingered for like two weeks, kind of gradually went away and then sort of came back and slowly faded away. I had a like a one day spell of like chills suddenly one day in March out of the blue. I think I had another cold in April. And now I am sick again, except now my throat feels like pins and needles are in them. The lining in my mouth is all irritated and sore, and food make everything burn in my mouth. Now I am usually one of those people that reads about a disease and immediately notices that I have some of those symptoms, so I think maybe I have that disease? So I could be jumping the gun, after all it has been only 6 months. But as I read more details I am realizing that I am experiencing a lot of the symptoms you described. For example, re-occurring sore throat , eczema flare-ups, receding gums and more heat/cold sensitive teeth, itching all over my body, loss of motivation, slurring of words and speech, loss of words, exercise intolerence (although I am training for a 1/2 marathon and I thought it was just mental, and push through it anyway), inability to lose abdominal fat, even though I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week. Like I said don’t know if I am trying to make my symptoms fit this disease or if it is real. I am going to see the doctor for the 1st time, so I am expecting them to send me home, with a real general answer- the common cold, or maybe even strep. But it has been only 5 months and I am trying to be proactive about the possibilities. Especially if this could be due to an occupational exposure. What do you think?

    REPLY: Hi Reina

    Many thanks for your posting on the the Chronic Sore Throat blog. This blog has become a small community of people in the same or similar situation, looking for answers. In particular, we want to identify this pathogen/s, and then try to cure it.

    Let me put your mind a rest a little. It is possible that you may have this pathogen. These recurring-disappearing cycles of the sore throat are common in the early stages; six months to a year later, the sore throat does get slightly better, but never vanishes completely, and still comes and goes from week to week or day to day in cycles. It feels like the immune system had almost cleared it, but then it comes back. But other pathogens can also cause these symptoms.

    As you say, it is easy to to make a set of symptoms fit a description, so let us not jump to conclusions. If you have caught it, however, then things will not get much worse than they are. I caught this pathogen in the middle of 2003, and now, 5 years later, it has stabilized, and not got any worse – but has not cleared up either. This is just to give you some parameters of this condition.

    My guess is that, if you have caught the same pathogen, it is probably not through some kind of occupational exposure from you workplace. This bug spreads slowly but surely by ordinary social contact, so this would be the most likely channel of transmission.

    There are several people in this forum, including two microbiologists, actively pursuing answers. There is a healthy debate as to whether this is a virus or another pathogen such as a mycobacterium. So if you have any questions, or want to share useful information or ideas, keep reading and posting on this page.


  125. To All,

    I developed a blood staph infection just about two yrs ago from apparently a medical procedure at a hospital. In addition to the staph infection I had pneumonia and a sinus infection as well. I literally almost died. I was released after about a week of being pumped with antibiotic IV fluids. They kept trying antibiotics and FINALLY, either in combination with all they had used or one specific antibiotic, I began to show improvement and was released after 7 days.

    About a year ago I developed a SEVERE sore throat it gradually got worse over a three weeks time period. I went to my regular doctor who gave me an antibiotic and sent me home. It HELPED but it was still there. I went to another doctor who did a throat culture for strep and it was not strep. He did tell me that due tot he large numbers of antibiotics I was taking that they cause a yeast infection in my throat–never heard of that before. He gave me a medicine for that and it cleared up…for a few months. I developed another sore throat…my regular doctor gave me another antibiotic and it seemed to work. Now as I speak I have another sore throat and large amounts of varying colored mucous coming from my sinuses and I am couging up yellow and brown mucous from my lungs. There is so much mucous it is causing me to gag and throw up. Still with a low grade sore throat.

    I have noticed periods where I get SO SLEEPY all I want to do is to lie down..I can’t function. I have appetite swings. I have also developed joint pains…knees, hips, and fingers, that I originally attributed to the possibility of arthritis.

    I Googled my symptoms and found this site.

    Are there ANY doctors who can help treat this crap? This is horrible and it won’t seem to go away.

  126. So B.O.R.I.S. does not believe antibiotic over-use can weaken the immunity system? Logically: if antibiotics eat bacteria, and when there is no longer any bad bacteria, these antibiotics begin to eat good bacteria, which is necessary for system stability…..

    Anyway, doesn’t matter. I don’t have the energy to duke it out with people who post to criticize. Just wanted to report that the doc today said EBV still reigns. Confirmed shingles. Had the following tests: Lots of bloodwork, will run the test for RA (familial history), had a thyroid ultrasound, bone density test, chest xray and the lovely mammogram :)

    I don’t belong on this forum because I have a positive EBV that comes back as “active”, which accounts for the sore throat. All the other symptoms belong to something else which, hopefully on June 19, will be disclosed.

    I wish everyone on this Board well. It is miserable to be sick and not know what is going on in the body. The anxiety and depression that accompanies an unknown illness is overwhelming sometimes. You are in my thoughts – never give up looking for your answers.

    Hip, I have nothing but respect for you.

    Best regards,


  127. Hi everyone.

    I would like to ask how many of you could say that he or she caught the disease by sexual intercourse?

    Lot of health,


    REPLY: The germ is usually contracted via respiratory secretions, such as saliva, and is easily transmitted by mouth-to-mouth kissing. People may think they caught this respiratory bug from the contact of sexual intercourse, but more likely it is transmitted by the mouth-to-mouth kissing that often takes place during sexual intercourse. – Hip

  128. The problem is that I didn’t kiss the person I supposedly contracted the disease from. That made me almost sure at the beginning it was acute HIV infection.

    By the way have you seen the “I remember Me” documentary??


  129. I mentioned the Garlic pills back on May 26th. They have helped my sore throat and drainage tremendously and even though there are so many other things going on that need help it has been wonderful to have these two symptoms gone. Now maybe my chronic sore throat of I believe 4 years now is something different from yours but if something as simple as taking 6 garlic pills of 500 mg. a day would help even just a couple people to rid them of their sore throat and drainage how wonderful that would be! I doubted they would help me until my Dad gave me a bottle and I decided what the heck I’ve got nothing to lose. I just wanted to mention it again in hopes a few people will try it and let me know their results. Good Luck and God Bless!!

  130. Hi Maureen. Many thanks for your comments and updates. I would be interested to know whether trying the garlic extract Allicin may fix your symptoms even more. Allicin is the main anti-microbial ingredient of garlic. You can get pure Allicin in 180mg capsules. One 180mg capsule is equivalent to 80 cloves of garlic, and you are allowed to dose up to 9 such capsules a day, according to the manufacturer! The brand name is AlliMax. It is odorless.

    Allicin is antibacterial for a wide range of bacteria (both Gram-negative and Gram-positive), including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, as well as having antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties.

    Allicin extract is relatively new, and there is a growing interest in using it to treat chronic fatigue syndrome illnesses. See here for more details on CFS and Allicin.

  131. Candida albicans is a fungal infection in the gut but over time can finds its way to the blood stream.Not only does it cause pain but it can cause a multitude of symptoms.In time damaging the immune system making you suseptible to cold flus infections ect.Causing more antibiotic therapy and more candida infection.The only way to clear this condition is to clear infection with antifungal drugs and replenish the bodys immune system.For anyone suffering from this please get checked as soon as possible.Symptoms can be recurring infection of any kind joint pain muscle pain muscle twitching chronic fatigue white coating on tounge also known as thrush,anxiety depression migraines numbess and tingling in extremeties poor sleep habits severe bad nightmares and finally sore throat caused by post nasal drip.I had it and it was horrible.On my way to recovery now good luck to you all!!

  132. Yes this is yeast .And h-pylori .I can trace it back when i was 3 years old .I think mine was handed down to me by my parents.Sore throat got better when i got thirty years old. I gave it to all of my girl frinds.I know five or six had somthing like ring worume below one of their breast.I had the same thing on my stomich when i was seven or eight. I will wright more later.

  133. I’m not quite sure if I fit the mold for the “Virus” at hand. However I do have some of the symptoms described. I started out a very healthy 21 year old mother of a newborn baby who went to the DENTIST for a routine extraction when my symptoms started. One tooth pulled and a week later I developed the most terrible case of what I and the doctors at the ER thought to be strep throat. I was given medicine and antibotics (sp?) and sent home. It was only after I continued to have “Strep Throat” for the next 6 1/2 years that no one caught (even my husband or my breastfed son) did it dawn on me that something was very VERY wrong. Now I had gone back and forth several times to the doctor everytime it would flare up and even though I told my doctor it was not contagious i knew different. I have had to deal with Zithromax about a million times, Amoxicillin a million and a half, countless amounts of pain killers to stave off the pain in my joints, throat, head and to stop fevers. I live in constant fear of my next “Strep”. my imunity is gone! I went out for a while in 60 degree weather and figured I would be fine and was dressed for the weather only to wake up the next morning with a full-blown “strep” attack. I have developed RLS, and some not many panic attacks.

  134. Aside from the slight wrinkling of the skin this clearly describes the chronic condition which I have. I’ve had this condition for 3 years now constantly going to multiple doctors all baffled by my symptoms. Are there any research studies being conducted for people with these symptoms? I’m just getting over yet another fever accompanied by a massive sore throat (not the everyday pain, but worse…) In my case Ive noticed changes in my behavior, diet, balance and vision. Also I’m a 25 years of age with over active bladder. It sucks having an unknown disease but multiple symptoms…

  135. Hi!

    Just found this site…I seem to have all of the symptoms except my sore throat comes and goes. I actually thought much of this was part of perimenopause, because with the exception of the sore throat–which every doctor seems to attribute to “allergies”–, many of the symptoms mimic severe menopausal symptoms. I am only 43 years old though, and so to me that just seemed like a convenient diagnosis. I was diagnosed with CFS by one specialist, but he did not offer me much in the way of any solutions other than to eat lean protein. Because I am thin and very athletic, most doctors just don’t get that I feel sick constantly. I had coxsackies as a teenager, and a mean case of mono–lately I have felt like these have surfaced again, although I don’t even know if that is possible. Thanks for the site.

  136. To “Tired of This Help!!!”-

    Did you have your tonsils removed…?

    Not sure if I fit the mold of this virus, but definitely have some parallels.

    I too have had strep about 5 or 6 times in the past year.

    The unusual Strep C, even when a culture comes back negative I often have a sore throat.

    I’m 30 something male, and haven’t had strep since I was a kid until this started a year ago.

    Doctors don’t take me too seriously and just say have your tonsils removed, or dismiss it to allergies during the periods when I haven’t had step, which was recently 5 months without it, then returned.

    Two yeast infections, bad case of mono over the Winter (mono virus was just again retested for and is out of my system), and 4 months ago the chronic post nasal drip started, and it is indeed non-stop.

  137. There has been some recent news that the antibiotic cipro (ciprofloxacin) can cause ruptures in tendons, occasionally even after just one dose. Other members of the fluoroquinolone family of antibiotics may also precipitate this side-effect. Given that our pathogen already weakens connective tissue, fluoroquinolones should be used with caution.

    Genevieve had already posted similar comments about fluoroquinolones back in May, so this is just to re-iterate the point.

  138. Hi, thanks for dropping by my journal. A few more details, I had many of the mental symptoms you described, foggy thoughts, appaling short term memory, very load tinnitus, anxiety was ridiculou, yes even around family and friends. I managed to continue working but it was a struggle and for many months I’d go staight to bed after work. The symptoms dropped off a bit eventually, perhaps aided by large doses of B vitamins, B12, Mg, Lecithin and Vitamin C in 500-1500mg/day, though not consistently through the duration.

    I didn’t have your other symptoms though, e.g. the collagen related issues, changes in sight, etc. I am fairly certain mine was a brain infection with an enterovirus and that vitamin C has now either (A) eliminated or greatly reduced the scale of the infection, or (B) is mopping up problem toxins, or (C) some combination of the two.

    This last 3 weeks I’ve been absolutely fine, my mental capacity is back and is actually better than It’s ever been, my vocabulary is back, the weird clumsiness in my hands is gone, anxiety – I’m confidently talking in front of groups of people without a second thought, I’ve never been able to do that, even before the virus. I’m working all hours god sends and not feeling the slightest bit fatigued on 7 hours sleep.

    To be honest I’m over the moon right now, I’m still taking 15g/day of Vitamin C during the week and 20-25g at weekends. Ultimately I want to try and reduce the dose to find out if if the symptoms will return or not – is a virus still present/active?

    Please also note that vitamin C has anxiolytic effects in the general population, so at least some of the effect I attribute to that, since I’ve always been an anxious person. These last 3 weeks it’s like a switch has been thrown, I don’t just feel a bit better, I feel totally cured. I feel like I’m going to follow in the footsteps of Linus Pauling and become wat some might call a Vitamin C ‘nut’ :)

    If anyone wants to discuss this further please feel free to comment at my LiveJournal page or send me a direct message via the LJ site here.

    I think everyone with viral symptoms should be taking at least 1-2g day of vitamin C just to keep levels at normal. You say you have collagen problems, well Vitamin C is (A) used up by the immune system and hence could well be well below normal levels and (B) is critical for collagen formation.



  139. I have been having the same symptoms for almost 3 years and its getting worse. I now am sensitive to loud noise, and bright light. If i look at something to long it gets distorted and moves. Dizzy, irritable, and lack of ambition are really topping the charts. Also sometimes i am so tired i can’t function nor can i sleep. Like alot of other people on this site my throat is sore constantly but is always on the left side.

  140. I am going on 14 months of this crap. I’ve been to doctor after doctor with no luck of them helping me. Some have acted like I was making it all up, while another told me it was allergies to my dogs and I should get rid of them. I hate this thick, clear gel like mucus in my thoat. It has ruined my life and my throat is always sore and ears have pressure in them constantly. Is there any help out there for this?

    REPLY: Thanks for your post, Sandy. There are several people here on this site trying to find some answers, but there are no easy cures. You should really go to an infectious disease center to be tested (one of the best is the Mayo Clinic). Let us know what you discover. Best regards. – Hip

  141. I too have been infected by this insidious disease. Started in January and have been unable to find any lasting relief, however I did exhibit some improvement while on a doxycycline regimine. I have displayed most all of the symptoms outlined within the text above. The periodontitis is quite severe and and is very suggestive of immune system disfunction. After many months of research, my focus has shifted towards mycoplasma fermentans and the brucella bacterium. If I find out any thing significant I will keep everyone informed.

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